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10 Best Seattle Barbers

  • 614 E Pine St, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Liz Pearce - Both my kids get their cuts at Rudy's and it makes us all feel a little bit cooler.
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - my son and husband go here
    Lila Pearce - I get my head shaved here routinely
  • 83 Yesler Way, Seattle • Pioneer Square
    Steve Banfield - Been going there since they opened. Fun team with great service. Fast and easy to make appointments online.
    Stuart Nagae - Christopher Michael keeps you looking sharp
    mike grabham - Those guys are awesome - you can get a beer there! I went there twice NOT to get a haircut, just to get a beer. They do great work and they’re not too expensive. It feels like a more local Rudy’s.
  • 475 N 36th St, Seattle • Fremont
    Jennifer Haller - Easy peasy if you don't care too much. Pro tip: they're so busy these days, don't rely on a walk-in - call or go online to get an appointment.
    Adam Broetje - Great spot for a solid haircut. Accepts appointments as well as walk ins.
    Jill McVey - Anna Ivarra is a badass talented hair person! I've been going to her for years and love her work. My highest possible recommendation.
    recommended by Andy Boyer, Steve Murch
  • Piston ex Ring Building, 1429 12th Ave d2, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    David DeCarmine - Amanda cut my hair at the Capitol Hill shop in Chop House Row. Did great work! Definitely going back.
    Owen Bitas - Great haircuts
    Alexa Alejandria - Grab Mark over here! He's the only person I let do my undercut designs (if you're looking for a really edgy cut/barber). The location is in Chop House Row so if there's a wait, grab a Porch Pounder at Goodweather Bicycle next door :) and tell them Alexa says hi!
    recommended by Scott Robertson, Val Arras
  • 925 4th Ave 404, Seattle • Downtown
    Dan Barrett - Joni is great.
    Andy Liu - Awesome barbershop
    Griffin Deebach - I have been working with Regina for years. She remembers what I like and does a great job.
    recommended by Evan Hiner
  • 1917 2nd Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Tony Oteromarrero - David is the best barber
    Jed Mathison - David at Squire is awesome and a master of his craft. Been going there for 5 years now and he has never led me astray, everyone who works there is legit too, all vets. Cant beat their prices and the professional cuts you get. Cool atmosphere by Pike Place Market too.
  • 4707 42nd Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Tony Wright - I've never used the same stylist twice there and always gotten a reasonable haircut. They often greet you with a free beer / water and always have pretty awesome music playing.
    Steve Banfield - Started trying out Bishops as it's walking distance from my place in West Seattle. Really great experience and pleased with the cut results. They also do a great job making sure COVID precautions are followed. Look good and feel safe.
    Cody Green - They are great!
  • 705 Pike St, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Flora Ku - My partner gets his haircuts from Phil and is always looking fresh after!
    Joseph Sunga - My new favorite barbershop. It's closer to home and Phillip is just awesome. Good conversations and a clean cut.
    recommended by Kelly McGonigle
  • 3620 NE 45th St, Seattle • Laurelhurst
    Adam MacBeth - Bailey is my go to. In COVID times I braved it and there was only one other customer. Felt as safe as I could.
    Jessica M Shapiro - Perfect for my 10 year old boys.
    Zan McColloch-Lussier - I’ve been to every Rudy’s in town and have been going to them since 1995. This is my go-to Rudy’s now. Everyone on the team is great and there are often cute pups in the shop.
  • 1007 Stewart St 102, Seattle • Belltown
    Jeff Malek - Tiffany is awesome!
    Jeff Gibb - Always available for appointments even a few days out and the cuts are consistent!

The Backstory on Barbers

A Brief History of Barbering

As long as civilized men have needed a haircut or a shave, they have relied on the skilled trade of a barber. Derived from the word barba, which is Latin for beard, the barber has a complex history that goes back 6000+ years to the earliest advanced civilizations of ancient Egypt. As it moved across the Greek and Roman empires and spread around the world, men’s grooming has always been valued in society.

From the beards of Vikings and Gods among men, and to the bodies of clean-shaven priests and armies on the battlefield, barbers have provided an important role in helping men of all stripes maintain the grooming standards of the time. Some even performed surgical procedures (these were known as barber-surgeons). While the barber’s specific skills and tools may have adapted over time, their main purpose—to keep men groomed—has always remained.

Meet Me at the Barbershop

The earliest records of barbershops go back to 500 B.C. in the open markets of ancient Greece, where men would gather to socialize with one another outside of the home. By the end of America’s civil war, barber shops could be found in every town and city, with a huge influx of European immigrants and African-Americans setting up shop to serve their communities. The barbershops of today are still central to the communities they serve, especially within the nation’s Black communities.

Barbershops with a single barber chair not only have made it easy to have one-on-one interactions with the barber, but have fostered socialization with those clients waiting for their turn in the chair. You can still find single-chair barbershops, but many barbershops have outgrown this model—most modern barbershops have multiple chairs and barbers working at one time, to serve more clients in a day. Still, the conversations keep going.

Barbershops vs. Hair Salons

Barber shops primarily cater to men. Additionally, because men grow beards and facial hair that needs to be groomed or clean shaven, barbers are specifically licensed to shave with a straight razor. Whereas hair salons are where to get hair cut by scissors, dyed a specific color and/or styled, men with short hair go to barbershops for less expensive, no-frills men’s haircuts, which are typically done with electric clippers instead of scissors.

Clippers not only speed up the haircutting process to get the client in and out quickly, but help keep the hair uniformly maintained until it needs to be cut again. This is why barbers are especially popular for clients in public service and military duty, who have to keep their hair short and uniform. Because barbers are skilled with clippers, they are the go-to for clients wanting intricate, specialty fades and designs shaved into their hair for a little extra flair.

The ubiquitous, spiralling barber pole out front is also a clear indication that the business is a barber shop, not a hair salon.

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Josh Barnard
8 months ago • Capitol Hill
Does anyone have a barber/stylist that will come to your house and do haircuts for men, women, and kids?
2 replies
Ryan Bruss
8 months ago • Redmond
Does anyone have a good barber recommendation for the Eastside? I've been to both Weldon and Rudy's on a couple of occasions and don't care for eit...
5 replies
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