10 Best Seattle Butchers

  • 1531 Melrose Ave, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Steve Dossick - Excellent butcher, and they have a great service where they email you a "Fresh Sheet" on Tuesdays, with free doorstep delivery on Thursday afternoon.
    Laura - Great, experienced butcher sources from fantastic local farms. Be warned, parking is painful.
    Rich Tong - Amazing quality at amazing prices in melrose market. Try the bone in rib eye steak from painted hills was spectacular (and just about the price of gold, but worth it).

    They have farm fresh eggs and the lamb is incredible as well.
  • 305 NW 82nd St, Seattle • Greenwood
    Rand Fishkin - This place is special - amazing staff, great prices, good quality, but it feels like going back in time. You're on the butchering floor. There's a paper price list. There's nothing on display. And if you're like me, the first time you walk in, they'll greet you with a "first timer...eh?" It's half delightful, half terrifying, and exactly what buying meat should be.
    Tom Laramee - This small butcher in a very nondescript building has a broad offering of fresh meat and the staff is really helpful. You can call your order in beforehand for quicker service.
    Steve Dossick - Amazingly old school...need a leg of lamb for Christmas or Easter? Best place to order it from.
  • 2401 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Maria Hess - B&E Meats on QA is high quality with an excellent selection. They have helpful employees for answering questions about how to cook, how much to buy, etc.
    Cheryl Brenner - B&E Meats in Queen Anne is great. My dad used to be a butcher, and even he approves. It has easy parking in Queen Anne with a couple of parking spaces to go in and pick-up what you need. We don’t go anywhere else for meat.
  • 2362 NW 80th St, Seattle
    Carl Haynes - Local butcher that opened up early this year. Incredibly friendly and an awesome selection of meats and homemade Pâtés. They work with local farms and while not cheap, are definitely reasonable for the quality.
    Aaron Rhodes - Warning, you may be converted from being vegetarian if you come 😜.

    I love this place, even though they are expensive, for their awesome selection and quality of meat, not to mention their friendly customer service and convenience.

    Little known fact, on Thursday and Friday they make up sandwiches (chefs choice). First come first serve.
  • 4861 Rainier Ave S, Seattle • Columbia City
    Rich Tong - Wow, they are a wonderful place. They are fresh and local and the prices are really incredible. The rib eye and the chicken we bought have been great. They don't have organic written everywhere but the stuff is definitely fresh and tasty.

    Main thing is to make sure to eat it up or freeze it pretty quickly, this is no preservatives good stuff.
  • 9432 16th Ave SW, Seattle • Delridge
    Daniel Yu - Very reasonable prices on choice cuts and harder to find meats alike, with efficient service and a relaxed neighborhood vibe. Space is limited so be ready for a line at the front door.
    recommended by Reese Hutchison
  • 2121 Westlake Ave, Seattle • Belltown
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  • 2401 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle
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  • 1001 S Jackson St, Seattle • International District
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  • 10. Nicky USA
    420 S Hinds St, Seattle • Industrial District