Best Seattle Food & Drink Spots

  • Seattle
    Ryan Bruss - I ordered a turkey from here to make for thanksgiving. The turkey was delicious and came pre-brined. I like that it was sourced from a high quality farm.
    Christina Nelson - Few things make me as happy as getting a text from Crowd Cow that says "Your order has been delivered!" Seriously, they're that good. I started purchasing from them last year when COVID hit to help me avoid the grocery store. I was hooked from the first order-- their quality is unmatched! I love everything I've tried from their grass-fed boneless ribeye to the sweet chili chicken thighs.
    Rand Fishkin - A few years ago, my friend Ethan decides he wants some unusual cuts from a particular, high-quality, small-rancher-raised cow. But to get them, he needs friends. So, he emails 200 people via BCC and asks if anyone wants to go in with him on a side of beef. 190 people reply in the affirmative. That’s how Ethan started CrowdCow.

    Now, it’s a growing, venture-backed startup, and while I do hold that against them, the ranches they work with are fantastic, and the quality of meat is unlike anything you’ll get at the grocery store butcher. I recommend three things: American Wagyu (especially for the price:quality ratio), the Japanese Wagyu (for if you really want to spoil someone), and grass-fed boneless ribeye (because you cannot go wrong with it). The shipping containers are nicely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, too.
  • 3621 Stone Way N suite d, Seattle • Wallingford
    Liz Pearce - The pretzel rolls alone are worth a trek. Luckily they are opening a new Montlake location this fall!
    Meredith Fife - The cheese pretzel rolls are amazing. A great location with a great atmosphere.
    Tom Laramee - Everything has been better since Sea Wolf opened up a location on Stone Way. Their bread is wonderful, as are their croissants (and other baked treats).
  • 4216 6th Ave NW, Seattle
    Liz Pearce - Hired Cameron Catering for a post-COVID celebration and they did a lovely job. The food was delicious (appetizers, main course, and dessert), and everything was thoughtfully chosen & prepared to be able to sit outside for a bit as the party gathered. My favorite bite was the Beecher's cheese biscuit with Mama Lil's cream cheese filling. Yum!
    Ali White MacBeth - I have used Cameron Catering a few times and each time the food is beautiful and delicious. I like that I can pick up the dishes and return them the next day when I have a party and don’t want to cook. I highly recommend them!
    Jennifer Haller - Used them for our company holiday party - easy to work with and delicious food!
  • 5821 Phinney Ave N, Seattle • Phinney Ridge
    Erin McDonald - Strawberry Rhubarb pie was AMAZING. First time not getting the Blue Hawaiin or apple pie and I thought I would miss those two favorites but shoot they all might be perfect!
    Meredith Fife - They make a fantastic Mexican Chocolate Pie. They also offer pie baking classes!
    Chris Manderino - Wonderful pies!!! There is a location in West Seattle too for those on the accidental island!
    recommended by Steve Carver, Jacob Hollenbeck
  • 137 15th Ave E, Seattle
    Meredith Fife - They have the best chocolate croissants. This is by far my favorite pastry in all of Seattle.
    Christina Nelson - If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would have to be the chocolate croissants from Bakery Nouveau. They're that good! Truly one of the best bakeries in Seattle.
    Chris Manderino - West Seattle's hidden gem. My mother-in-law loves the macaroons and it's nice to walk for a special treat now and then!
  • 1531 Melrose Ave, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Steve Dossick - Excellent butcher, and they have a great service where they email you a "Fresh Sheet" on Tuesdays, with free doorstep delivery on Thursday afternoon.
    Laura - Great, experienced butcher sources from fantastic local farms. Be warned, parking is painful.
    Rich Tong - Amazing quality at amazing prices in melrose market. Try the bone in rib eye steak from painted hills was spectacular (and just about the price of gold, but worth it).

    They have farm fresh eggs and the lamb is incredible as well.
  • 820 2nd Ave, Seattle
    Chris Manderino - Yeah, Yeah amazing steaks and love the au jus and fluffing the baked potato....but BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE IN THE WORLD. Enough said!
    Mikaila McLane - Hands down my favorite steak. I love the boneless ribeye with gold mashed potatoes. If you want to treat yourself the crab legs are also to die for. I find that they cook the steaks less than normal, for example I typically order medium but their "medium" looks more like medium rare. Just be mindful of that!
    Steven Chayer - I’m from Maine, and I love my seafood and I know I shouldn’t, but I absolutely love batter fried seafood. I went to the Metropolitan Grill and I said you don’t have any fried seafood on the menu. Would you cook me up a Seafood Platter, and they said yes, and they brought me the most spectacular plate of seafood I’ve had since I left Maine and they charged me such a reasonable price!!! This is an awesome restaurant.
    recommended by Justin Garfield, Darlin Gray
  • 1435 1st Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Rand Fishkin - This has been my go-to Italian specialty foods store for years. Buy my favorite, chocolate Pandorato ($25), these thick, perfect fusilli from Rustichella D’Abruzzo ($9), their unusual and amazing Cannolicchi ($9), and of course, the best aged carnaroli rice on the planet: Acquerello ($11).
    Tom Laramee - DeLaurenti's is easily my favorite food store in Seattle. They have a huge selection of olive oil, sauces, imported pastas, and also a huge cheese & speciality meat selection.
    Kristy Morrison - Hands-down a must for the Italian food lover or chef. One of the best places to shop for specialty pasta, oils, meats, cheeses, wine and so much more. If you can't find it anywhere else you can definitely find it here. They do offer delivery as well if getting into downtown is not an option. Don't forget to check their cooler cases for fresh pastas and doughs!!
    recommended by Rich Tong
  • 9. Gracia
    5313 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle
    Ali White MacBeth - The owner/chef moved to Mexico just to learn the regions cooking. He buys local and works with amazing people. The food is so delicious, fresh tortillas, etc but the fish tacos are really the indulgence. We love them!
    Adam MacBeth - Hands down the best Mexican in Seattle! Amazing fresh ground corn tortillas and the best fish taco I’ve ever had. Great takeout option!
    Kelly Crimmins - Recommending Gracia Mexican Restaurant in Ballard (see that others have also recommended this restaurant, adding my vote). Really great chips/salsa/guacamole, main dishes and drinks!
    recommended by Jen Hope
  • 522 19th Ave E, Seattle
    Ali White MacBeth - I love the cookies. We pop down about once a week for a treat, and the Birthday Cookie is my favorite. I love that the cookies aren't too big, but still satisfying.
    Brooklyn Benjestorf - HAVE MER-CY! These cookies are insane. The Salted Butterscotch has ruined me for all other cookies.
    Tim Keck - Really nice staff. Cookies are perfect size and delicious. ToatsOats!
    recommended by justin carder, Matt Rubright