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10 Best Seattle Carpet Installers

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Tom Laramee
5 months ago • Fremont
Hi all!. Quick question: I need to choose new carpet for two rooms, and I went to a store and looked through a ton of samples, brought some home, a...
9 replies
4 months ago
Fiona Lennard A great local company is Vogels. They can help you chose the right carpet for your spaces, send you home with large swatches of carpet so you can envision what it would look like in your space. They install and take away any old carpet you may have as well. Professional and reliable.
Sarah Nadolny Hi Tom, sorry for my late chime-in but if you're still looking and are considering area rugs, I happen to be the Manager at Driscoll Robbins Fine Carpets and would be happy to help with any selections. We have a ton of beautiful inventory here, and access to so much more. We can come to your home to help you measure, and have a free delivery service so you can try full size rugs on approval in your space before making any decisions. We don't charge for any of our services, only for actual rug purchases. Let me know if you'd like to connect or have any other questions!
Troy Dennis Hi @tlaramee. Another late reply, but my my 2 cents... I assume you are talking about bedrooms, since those are the areas where carpet makes the most sense (warmer, quieter, less wear). I also assume this is your primary home and not a rental. If a rental, I would 100% go with LVP. If your primary home (depending on pets/kids/typical wear) and want something economical you might consider waterproof LVP and then drop area rugs on top (or if you want something higher end, go with hardwood). Ruggable has some interesting area rug options (we own one), but Flor also has some good options. Good luck!
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