3 Best Seattle Compost Suppliers

  • 7343 E Marginal Way S, Seattle
    Amy Posner Wolff - I had the opportunity to tour the Cedar Grove composting facility in Maple Valley and all I can say is WOW! I was so impressed with the process, but most importantly the people. Cedar Grove is a third-generation family-owned local business. You can tell the company takes pride in every aspect of the infrastructure from the ground up (pun intended) through the ranks of employees. They take care of the process, the product, their employees, and the community.

    We learned a ton on our 1.5-hour tour! There is a difference between dirt, soil, mulch, and a huge process to get to the end product which is ready for retail in about 17 months. The biggest take-aways to share with the community were, be cognizant of your yard waste contamination and do your best to support the full circle of the process; compost your food scraps and green waste then purchase composted products. We are very fortunate to live in an area that supports Cedar Grove.
    Amanda East - We love Cedar Grove because they take our home food and yard waste scraps. This is a luxury that not all residents have! We also buy bulk soil, compost, mulch, and bark for our garden in the spring. It's a lot of work to haul it around the yard, but well worth the investment and eliminates the need for wasteful plastic bags of those products. Keep it up Cedar Grove.
    recommended by Amy Pennington
  • 2209 W Elmore St, Seattle
    Darlin Gray - Wonderful, curated selection of hard-to-find Northwest native plants, fab fertilizer and best of all, a wealth of knowledge to share! Can't wait to go back.
    Amy Pennington - My absolute favorites - a small, locally owned farm/garden store for true urban farmers. They have small quantities of fertilizers, so you can mix and match as needed and make their own product Rainy Day NW Blend that is a perfect start to every spring. Good option for starts and seeds, too, and an excellent resource for a strip or two of floating row cover.
  • 9010 Delridge Way SW, West Seattle
    recommended by Amy Pennington