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10 Best Seattle Deck Contractors

Planning Your Deck

Living in the Pacific Northwest gives people a true appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors. Adding a deck, porch, or patio to your yard is a great way to take advantage of your outdoor space at home.

Here are the major things to think about when planning to build or repair your deck.


A simple deck or patio may be all you need to enjoy those long Seattle summer days, but you don't have to settle for simple. Browse a few websites and you can get all kinds of ideas for integrating stonework and slate, creative planting areas, multiple levels, etc. Some of the higher end landscape construction companies will work with you to create something really special.


This is an important thing to consider as you'll be living with your decision for (hopefully) many years! You'll need to balance durability and aesthetics against cost, while also considering the environmental impact of your choice.

  • The default material here in the Pacific Northwest is locally grown tight-knot cedar. Carpenters who've been building decks for years will tell you that this type of wood has degraded in quality in recent years, but it's still a perfectly reasonable option. Count on a lot of maintenance and on fully replacing it within 15 years or so.
  • Ipe is a Brazilian wood that is so hard, it requires special tools, and it can last 50 years or even longer. It's more expensive than cedar but similarly beautiful. Some ipe is irresponsibly harvested and sold on the black market before it reaches American lumber stores, which is not great as the Brazilian rainforest is...kind of important. You can find ipe which is FSC certified to be sustainably harvested.
  • There are some "boutique" options like reclaimed teak and cumaru. These are quite expensive but if price is no object these exotic hardwoods can produce beautiful, unique decks.
  • Finally there is composite, in which the decking is made from a combination of wood and plastic. This option is certainly very durable and requires little maintenance, and it can be made with recycled plastic to be more environmentally friendly. The aesthetics and feel of composite will never match up to natural wood.


The finest plan and materials won't get you far if you put them together with shoddy workmanship. Unless you are an experienced builder yourself, or an exceptionally careful, meticulous learner, you should have someone who knows what they are doing build your deck. It's best to get a personal recommendation for a contractor or landscaper, from someone who has seen their previous work!

Good luck with your new deck! And don't forget to enjoy it when it's done!

Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right deck contractor? Ask your friends.
Adam MacBeth
5 months ago • Ravenna
I’m looking for someone to extend my deck a bit and add a glass cover. A plus if they can do electrical for fans and in-ceiling heaters. Any recomm...
3 replies
4 months ago
Linda Lowry excellent attention to detail!
Adam Doppelt Are you looking for a handyman? Very happy with mine. Most handypeople won't touch electrical, though. You might need a general contractor (like JAS), or handyman + electrician.
Amy Woidtke Hi Adam!
Declan and team at D Noble Construction can handle that. I think he is booked out a bit - however, worth the wait for sure!
Kenji Sazanami
5 months ago • Wallingford
Doesn't necessarily have to be specialists, but there's a few levels involved.
4 replies
5 months ago
Liz Pearce My friend @gondo1a just worked with 12 Decks & Fences and had a great experience!
Snezana Popovic I recommend Dogwood Designs & Landscaping which is a small local company. The owner is Sam Hyde and he is great to work with. I recommended him on FreshChalk based on fence and pavers work he did for us and several people already used him for decks and provided very positive feedback after.
Nathan Kriege I second that recommendation for Sam from Dogwood Designs. He replaced the deck on our house in Wallingford after it completely collapsed. He helped us through the whole design process, and did a great job on the project.
Josh Barnard
7 months ago • Capitol Hill
We're seeing some rotting/softening of our wooden front steps/stoop. I'm not exactly sure what type of contractor to bring in for something like th...
4 replies
3 months ago
Josh Barnard I bet the front steps are MORE work...but yeah, maybe I can find someone for both...
Meredith Fife I haven't personally used them, but I have heard good things about Quality Stairs and Woodworking.
Amy Woidtke If you are still looking....
D Noble Construction can handle this job. They are detail oriented and quite skilled.
Josh Barnard
7 months ago • Capitol Hill
I have a pretty large rear deck made of real wood. It's starting to need paint pretty badly, but also needs some minore pairs (a couple of boards a...
2 replies
7 months ago
Nathan Kriege I'd recommend starting by talking to a deck person. When we had to replace our deck we worked with Sam Hyde from Dogwood Designs & Landscaping. He did a great job, was very communicative, and answered all of our questions. I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss the project with you and offer advice.
Liz Pearce Hey, Josh - I remembered my friend @gondo1a recently recommended 12 Decks & Fences. He used them for a fence but guessing they're equally capable when it comes to decks.
Nathan Kriege
11 months ago • Travis Heights
The deck on our rental house in Seattle collapsed underneath our tenants as they were toasting in the new year. Luckily nobody was hurt, but now we...
5 replies
5 months ago
Adam Doppelt Amy & Jeri's roofing company does decks in the offseason. I'm sure they'd do an excellent job. State Roofing.
Nathan Kriege Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Our job was too small for Avalon, but we got a few other quotes and ended up going with Sam Hyde from Dogwood Designs. He was very thorough, helped us through the whole design process, and did a great job on the project.
Snezana Popovic Wonderful! So glad my recommendation was helpful. We liked Sam a lot and he did a great job for us but great to know you liked him also.
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