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7 Best Seattle Framing

  • 311 3rd Ave S, Seattle
    Liz Pearce - This shop was recommended to me by the Davidson Gallery. They framed two large prints for me and did a great job.
    Omar Shahine - Gallery Frames has done some great work for us. For many years they also did all the framing for the Microsoft Fine Art collection. This is where I found out about them.
    Stuart Nagae - High end frame shop. For fine art this is the place to go in Seattle. Nice people, patient and willing to offer helpful suggestions.
    recommended by Emma Scherer, Aren Kaser
  • 2212 NW Market St, Seattle • Ballard
    Sara Eizen - I HIGHLY recommend Annie's Art & Frame in Ballard - they are GREAT to work with!
    Shannon Garbaccio - They do a beautiful job! They donate beautiful frames to my charity of choice and for that they have earned my undying respect.
  • 4150 1st Ave S, Seattle
    Laura - In addition to being the most well-stocked art store around, you can get beautifully-done custom picture framing at Daniel Smith. Fantastic customer support too!
  • 4548 University Way NE, Seattle • University District
    recommended by Matthew
  • 3300 1st Ave S, Seattle • Industrial District
    Stuart Nagae - I used Plasteel Frames to hang a wall with 20+ pieces and they did a good job.
  • 2703 E Madison St, Seattle • Madison Valley
    Amy Woidtke - Karrie and team helped move a client's expensive art piece from old residence to new residence. They did a fantastic and very careful job of taking it down, wrapping, transporting and re-installing it. And because the cleint's home was still in a state of remodel, they took it back down at the new place and wrapping it up to store until the remodel was finished. I refer her happily and look forward to our next opportunity to work together!
  • 2128 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle
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Tara Stillner
7 months ago • Madrona
All, does anyone have a recommendation for a professional picture hanger? Thanks!
4 replies
7 months ago
Tara Stillner Thanks, Stuart!
Liz Pearce Hi, Tara - my buddies at Gallery Frames recommend Tim at Atomic Art Services for this.
Tara Stillner Thank you, Liz!
Heather Redman
10 months ago • Downtown
Looking for a good art framer. My old one retired b/c the rent was too damn high!
4 replies
7 months ago
Emma Scherer Hi Heather! Here at Davidson Galleries we highly recommend Gallery Frames.
Sara Eizen I HIGHLY recommend Annie's Art & Frame in Ballard - they are GREAT!!!
Heather Redman Thanks everyone! Will let you know how we do.
Amy Bencke
10 months ago • Bellevue
I need a large print re-framed, preferably in Belltown. Any recs?
4 replies
7 months ago
Adam Doppelt I used to go to Queen Anne Museum Quality Framing back when I worked up there. Not too far from Belltown. Quality work and they have great reviews online.
Matthew When I lived in Belltown, I only went to Innervisions in the U District. Yes, it's a tiny bit out of the way, but you'll thank yourself later. Anne and the crew are wonderful. It got to the point where I would just drop something off and let them decide on the frame. Reasonably priced, and high quality.
Carolyn Gracz I have heard of two places artist friends of mine use regularly. One is Plasteel Frames on 1st Ave South, and the other is Dick Blick framing services on Capitol Hill. Blick often has framing services sales too, so it may be more reasonably priced. I have seen both results and they look great, although I've never used either personally.
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