10 Best Seattle Hair Removal Technicians

  • 4126 E Madison St 100, Seattle • Madison Park
    Minda Lane - Adding my voice to the chorus—Melissa at Smooth Sugaring Studio is so good. Her technique makes the process nearly painless...I honestly didn't notice she was pulling my hair out until a few minutes in when it occurred to me it didn't hurt! She's skillful, professional, and a pleasure to talk with. Five stars!
    JoAnne Jaspan - Cute little studio in Madison Park, have had nothing but good, professional service and results.
    Melinda Torres - Way better than waxing!
    recommended by Genessa, Siri Angeles
  • 5915 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Jeri and Amy Andrews - Love this place and all of their people. Ouch, but still- the best for hair removal.
    Paige Roncke - Happy Hour on Tuesdays, 1-3, 20% off!
  • 509 Olive Way, Seattle • Downtown
    Tori Dixon - Had a great experience at the downtown location of Sugar Plum! Was made to feel very comfortable and welcomed, the entire staff was very sweet overall. Highly recommend it for your hair removal needs as waxing is harsher/less natural for your skin compared to getting sugar'd. Also, if you return within 6 weeks (which is recommended), your service is 30% off because it's considered maintenance. Will definitely be returning here!
    Danielle Oyama - I've been going to Sugar Plum for the past 5 years and absolutely love their service. They do packages to save you some money, which I appreciate. I was a bit disappointed in their phone customer service, but when I provided feedback to them, I was very happy with the result. I've referred almost all of my friends to them and definitely appreciate their service!
    recommended by Althya Holland
  • 1421 Western Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Ginger Hultin - Go here for the facials, too! She carries a great skin care line and has really helped my skin.
    Vanessa Laughlin - What more can I say? As a proud Latina, the fact that I have trusted my eyebrow design and maintenance to Olivia for over a decade is all the recommendation you need to know. Go see her, you won't regret it. (PS. She works with all genders)
    Savannah Maher - I didn’t even know my brows looked so bad until she made them look so good! That’s just brows. This girl is a master at hair removal! Don’t go anywhere else 🙌
  • 614 W McGraw St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Jen Hope - Angelika is a beautiful woman inside and out. She’s great with getting clients in last minute and working with you to customize your desired look. Highly recommend!
    recommended by Katie Zejdlik
  • 219 Broadway E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Brooklyn Benjestorf - This was my first threading experience and they did such an amazing job. Very clean and precise with minimal discomfort.
  • 1923 1st Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Anne McGowan - Sandra has worked at Coupe Rokei for over 30years,trained in England and is a master esthetician . Expert in skin analysis to create the perfect facial and skin care for you....
    Robin Hiram Otani - My facials make my face feel great and glow.
  • 4462 37th Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Minda Lane - Ask for Linnea. She knows you're not there to be best friends with the person removing hair from your lady parts, but she'll make you feel like a bestie, anyway, while efficiently... doing what you're paying her to do.
  • 111 Roy St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Laura Butler - I have thick and unruly hair and that carries over to my eyebrows. Threading is a revelation, so much better and quicker than waxing. Lakshmi and the other ladies are wonderful. I don't live in Queen Anne anymore but I go out of my way to visit them because it's worth it.
  • 506 1st Ave N, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Paige Roncke - Great hours