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10 Best Seattle Hair Removal Technicians

  • 4126 E Madison St 100, Seattle • Madison Park
    Minda Lane - Adding my voice to the chorus—Melissa at Smooth Sugaring Studio is so good. Her technique makes the process nearly painless...I honestly didn't notice she was pulling my hair out until a few minutes in when it occurred to me it didn't hurt! She's skillful, professional, and a pleasure to talk with. Five stars!
    JoAnne Jaspan - Cute little studio in Madison Park, have had nothing but good, professional service and results.
    Melinda Torres - Way better than waxing!
    recommended by Genessa, Siri Angeles
  • 5915 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Jeri and Amy Andrews - Love this place and all of their people. Ouch, but still- the best for hair removal.
    Paige Roncke - Happy Hour on Tuesdays, 1-3, 20% off!
  • 1421 Western Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Ginger Hultin - Go here for the facials, too! She carries a great skin care line and has really helped my skin.
    Vanessa Laughlin - What more can I say? As a proud Latina, the fact that I have trusted my eyebrow design and maintenance to Olivia for over a decade is all the recommendation you need to know. Go see her, you won't regret it. (PS. She works with all genders)
    Savannah Maher - I didn’t even know my brows looked so bad until she made them look so good! That’s just brows. This girl is a master at hair removal! Don’t go anywhere else 🙌
  • 614 W McGraw St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Jen Hope - Angelika is a beautiful woman inside and out. She’s great with getting clients in last minute and working with you to customize your desired look. Highly recommend!
    recommended by Katie Zejdlik
  • 219 Broadway E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Brooklyn Benjestorf - This was my first threading experience and they did such an amazing job. Very clean and precise with minimal discomfort.
  • 1923 1st Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Anne McGowan - Sandra has worked at Coupe Rokei for over 30years,trained in England and is a master esthetician . Expert in skin analysis to create the perfect facial and skin care for you....
    Robin Hiram Otani - My facials make my face feel great and glow.
  • 4462 37th Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Minda Lane - Ask for Linnea. She knows you're not there to be best friends with the person removing hair from your lady parts, but she'll make you feel like a bestie, anyway, while efficiently... doing what you're paying her to do.
  • 509 Olive Way, Seattle • Downtown
    Danielle Oyama - I've been going to Sugar Plum for the past 5 years and absolutely love their service. They do packages to save you some money, which I appreciate. I was a bit disappointed in their phone customer service, but when I provided feedback to them, I was very happy with the result. I've referred almost all of my friends to them and definitely appreciate their service!
    recommended by Althya Holland
  • 111 Roy St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Laura Butler - I have thick and unruly hair and that carries over to my eyebrows. Threading is a revelation, so much better and quicker than waxing. Lakshmi and the other ladies are wonderful. I don't live in Queen Anne anymore but I go out of my way to visit them because it's worth it.
  • 506 1st Ave N, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Paige Roncke - Great hours

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