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10 Best Seattle Home Automation Contractors

  • 2020 124th Ave NE suite c-105, Bellevue
    Adam Doppelt - These guys have hung several TVs for me, and also run high/low voltage wires through some walls in my house. Great work, very clean. Professionals.
    Jesse Proudman - They've helped setup our wifi network. The owner Lee is wonderful. Great experience. Would work with them again.
    recommended by Mark Guzman
  • 1631 15th Ave W 110, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Steve Dossick - Easy to work with, and listened to what our needs actually were while putting together some great recommendations.
    Stuart Nagae - Meticulous which is exactly what I want in AV installation group. Our system is not exotic but they did a great job at competitive price.
  • 6303 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
    Tom Laramee - I'm a big fan of these guys. I was shopping for some speakers and an amp, and went to a couple of stores, and was mostly told "No, that's not what you want", and the presented with all of these wacky ideas (like ceiling-mounted speakers, or recessed wall speakers covered by a mesh cloth). I went to Hawthorne and they hooked up a system just like I wanted. They answered a ton of questions, helped recommend other vendors I needed, and the gear I ended up with sounds amazing. "A pretty nice place" indeed.
  • 14339 NE 20th St, Bellevue
    Ryan Bruss - This is the only place to buy home audio and video equipment if you live in the Seattle metro area. You will get a better price than everywhere else.
  • Adam Doppelt - Greg showed up at my house, climbed into our (hot) attic, and did a beautiful job installing an antenna. This saves huge $$$$ every month instead of using cable, and I can still watch the Seahawks. He did a nice job communicating before and after the job as well. Highly recommended.
  • 2651 151st Pl NE, Redmond
    Elissa Fink - Reliable work - and they are are great long-term. They have consistent staff who remember and understand your home environment - when you have problems, they can solve them.
  • 222 Etruria St 100, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: Bernice mentioned using this for a soundproofing possibility Contact: Bill Stewart (Bernice)
  • 12121 Northup Way, Bellevue
    recommended by Matthew
  • 29 148th Ave SE 200, Bellevue
    Newcastle Life - Eastside Audio Video is great. Check them out!
  • 29 148th Ave SE 200, Bellevue
    Newcastle Life - Home technology

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Need help finding the right home automation contractor? Ask your friends.
Edward Yim
about 2 months ago • Bellevue
The HDMI cable for my home theater broke. I need someone to either fix the end connector which broke or run a new cable through the wall. Any help...
3 replies
about 2 months ago
Steve Dossick Something small like that might be a good job for Capitol Hill handyman? Alternately you can probably purchase your own cable, protect the end with tape, and use the existing bad cable to pull the new cable through the wall...
Adam Doppelt Agreed - start with a handyman or try to do it yourself. I'm not great at this, but I've managed to pull a cable or two. It's not too hard, assuming there is some room in the wall. Google "how to pull cable". If you need a true home automation professional, I recommend Wipliance. They can fix your whole setup no matter how complicated, including hardware, electrical, etc for $$$.
Detlef Schrempf Have had the same issue and thought about doing it myself and was told it was not hard but this was not encouraging -
We were having some electrical work done anyways and the electrician was able to pull the cable through the drywall. Better off paying a professional :)
Liz Pearce
5 months ago • Capitol Hill
Hi, friends. Hoping someone in my network has some guidance on getting a home security system in place. Do you have a company that you’re happy wit...
26 replies
4 months ago
Josh Barnard I wanted to install my own (and integrate it with some home automation stuff) so I got an Abode. I'm pretty happy with it!
Kirby Winfield @blockwatch security is good and way less expensive than adt...
Robin Warren If you don’t want to pay for ongoing service, we have been really happy with Arlo. Wireless cameras, rechargeable batteries, monitored and operated through a phone app. The service included with purchase doesn’t have a monthly bill. The cameras are motion sensitive and capture 15 seconds of video when triggered (including at night, infrared). A week of video clips are maintained by the company, which you can download and save.
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