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  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
    Kristy Royce - Sara first helps you get to your Why. From there, you get to your What. Once you understand your Why, transforming your life becomes more clear. Sara strives to help shape Meaning Makers. She has all the business cred... (Yale MBA/ Corporate gigs... bla bla bla) but, more importantly, Sara has a deep wisdom and her heart-centric approach helps you get to what is really and truly important to YOU. Our world needs more heart-centric Meaning Makers!
  • recommended by Jen Hope
  • Peter Chee - Working with Sanni has been a life-changing experience. She's actively helping me make the transition from where I am to where I want to be. If you're looking to make a change in any dimension in your life, you should reach out to Sanni.
  • 1957 8th Ave W, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Devon Burns - I have been working with Nancy for years and have seen such significant changes in my life. I have developed new strategies for managing difficult situations and can now thrive in the life I've designed for myself.
  • Martina Welkhoff - Kori is an incredibly talented and intuitive individual.
  • Kyle Luikart - Libby is very insightful and well versed in various tools and frameworks.
  • Andrea Vittegleo - I have had the pleasure of working with both Kira and Deana.

    Kira provided amazing support for me when I was about to become a parent and into the journey of raising a toddler/preschooler. The level of expertise that Kira provides in talking to your partner, communicating with your child, and educating parents on how to instill important attributes into their little ones is unparalleled. I leaned on Kira after an incident that happened with my 3 year old when I had no idea how to approach talking about the subject. She provided me with the exact tools and words I needed to help me through that experience.

    I have also worked with Deana as a sleep coach. My second child has been a rough night sleeper and Deana saved me from sleepless nights. Her professional advice helped us go from an infant waking up every 3 hours to sleeping soundly most nights. Deana was amazing at being realistic with my expectations and encouraged me as a mother that I was doing the right thing by prioritizing my sleep as well as my babe's.

    I recommend both of these women in their respective professions as often as I can to friends, family, and my community.
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  • 2324 1/2 Yale Ave E, Seattle • Eastlake
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