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Amy McCullough
11 months ago • Capitol Hill
Hi-We need to replace some old single pane windows with some new, likely wood clad, upgrades for our home in Capitol Hill. Some might be repairable...
6 replies
8 months ago
Amy McCullough Thanks all! I will follow up with a few of these folks and follow up once we get our project sorted out. ☺️
Adam Doppelt I did a big window project in our old house and I learned a few things. I wish I'd done vinyl, for one. That would have saved so much money and it's a better material. Whenever I see vinyl windows, it reminds me that I was foolishly snobbish about wood. Also, I made an error when picking my contractor. The installer hired a bunch of kids each summer to install windows and teaches them on the job. Needless to say, my windows were botched in comedic fashion. Broken window, lightning strike, dropped a giant piece of glass, etc. Make sure you know who is actually doing the install!
Amy McCullough Thanks for this note, Adam. Good cautionary tale! We have gone through an extensive remodel and really like the clad windows--benefit of similar look of wood on outside (with much better durability) but wood on the inside. Nice to also not have to constantly maintain them as you would with all wood windows. The windows in question are the original, 110 year old lead, single pane ones.....I am still waiting to hear back from Marquiss Construction. :)
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