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Walnut Creek

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Looking for a professional chiropractor in Santa Clara

I'm looking for a good chiropractor in Santa Clara or surroundings that takes Kaiser Permanente Insurance.
2 replies
Last reply 12 days ago
Meredith Fife Hi Angel--I talked to the South Bay Wellness Center and they take Kaiser Insurance. Romero Chiropractic Health Center does as well. You may want to clarify that they take your exact plan. Let me know if you need further help.
Angel Castro That's awesome! I will contact them soon. Thanks so much!

Looking for a nutritionist in San Francisco

Looking for a nutritionist in San Francisco. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
2 replies
Last reply about 2 months ago
Liz Pearce Hi, Dino - on a recent trip, I got to know nutritionist Nan Foster. She was great and I think would be excellent to work with. Might be worth reaching out to.
Nan Foster Thank you Liz. Hi Dino. I'd be happy to discuss your goals and see if I can help. I am a health coach and am currently studying functional medicine to address chronic symptoms including weight, pain, headaches, digestive issues etc. and uncover and treat root causes.

Private dining room in Burlingame

I'm looking for a private dining room in the Burlingame area for 25 people. We're flexible on area and are mostly looking for the perfect space.
1 reply
Last reply about 2 months ago
Liz Pearce Hi Lauren! We're just getting started in this area, but a friend shared this with me, "The restaurant we've actually had experience with in Burlingame is Il Fornaio. Their private event space worked out great for our ~30 person dinner event, and their team was very helpful and accommodating."

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