The best coffee mugs of 2023

Victoria Grinde - This is mother's dream! For a while there, I just got used to drinking reheated coffee or adding ice to coffee I had forgotten about, making my own version of iced coffee. With this magical mug, my coffee/tea stays at a nice temp for hours! IT'S AMAZING!
Liz Pearce - If coffee isn't iced, it has to be HOT - like, really, really hot. I've spent my years as a coffee drinker making many trips back and forth to the microwave to heat up my cup. Then I received the Ember coffee mug as a gift, and it's been a game changer. The coffee mug is battery powered, and keep...
Nancy Gillespie - This mug keeps my coffee at the perfect temperature even if I have to walk away for awhile.
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Natasha Willis - Drink my coffee out of this everyday. They’re the easiest to keep clean and deep clean
Keenan Tompkins - I use this for my coffee everyday. It's sturdy, easy to clean and keeps my coffee fresh and hot
Paula Claure - I'm obsessed with Llamas. It's more than a year since I got this mug, and the colors are still perfect. I Love it!
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Liz Stella - We've had some success moving up to Contigo which has several sizes and an easy-clean flip up straw. Kohl's currently has a sale on these too btw!
Ginger Edwards - I bought this for my husband a year ago and he uses it each time he has a beer. He loves how cold it keeps his beer even when its hot outside. We even bought another one so that he can share his cold beer experience with friends who come to visit. We have spent so much of our time outdoors this y...
Cindy Hawkins - I received this as a Mother's Day gift from my son and I absolutely love it! It has a stainless steel infuser with ceramic lid and also a bamboo coaster. Wonderful for my loose leaf teas.
Catherine Hazen - There's nothing better for me then starting my day with a fresh cup of coffee and my Hydro Flask coffee cup is one of the best! With littles, it seems like it takes longer than one should think to drink a cup from start to finish, but with my Hyrdo Flask, it stays hot even an hour + later! The li...
Lindsay Pedersen - Before anyone else in the house has awoken, I brew and sip coffee in utter quiet. It is pure magic. And these double-wall mugs are part of the sensory awesomeness of that moment. I love how I can drink a mug of coffee without a handle, because the double-wall glass protects your hands from burnin...
Erin Lee - I drink a lot of coffee and this handmade stoneware mug is perfect! Holds 18 ounces of your favorite hot beverage and is dishwasher and microwave safe.
Naomi Campos - Their mugs bring me so much joy! Made in Portland by JaMpdx (Jenn and Meghan). Their porcelain offerings are truly beautiful and all handcrafted. Comfortable to hold and smooth to touch. I think I will send my Mom one for Mother's day! I'm working on my collection too;)