The best lamps of 2023

Anja Castillo - Super great and realistic detail. My son is fascinated by it!
Meredith Fife - I ordered this lamp for my son based on Shauna's recommendation. I purchased the moon but I was shipped the earth one by mistake. We end up really liking it, so we kept it. My son uses it nightly to fall asleep with. The blue setting is very calming and currently our favorite setting.
Shauna Causey - Bring the moon into your room! Children of all ages love lights and talking about space. This moon light has been a staple at bedtime for our family. It's crafted using NASA satellite images. It's dimmable by just touching it so easy to use for any age child.
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Adisyn Smith - I got this lamp as a gift a couple of years ago for Christmas, I love the soft glow it gives off.
Chanette Campbell - I highly recommend having a couple of these through out your home, they bring balance and great energy. I probably have one in every single room throughout my home lol ..
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Liz Stella - I needed a book light and went with the Reading Light with Clip - Deaunbr USB Rechargeable Book Lights. It has a huge clamp which fits most places and is dimmable AND rechargeable. A great purchase that has a long battery life!
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Cindy Sersig - Ordered two lamps from Amazon for my bedroom. They are so pretty and I love the touch control with 3 different light settings.
Test Out - I keep this on in my living room at night to have some sort of light at night and love how it looks
Cindy Sersig - This is what I ordered for my boys at Christmas time. These clip on to the book and provide a lot of light.
Naomi Whitaker - It can be exotic, elegant, or neutral, depending on which objects you associate it with! It is part of a collection that I love, and it is very affordable!
Mandi Pacer - Turkish lamps are the quickest way to class up a space and also make it inviting! Besides in the bedroom they are great in an office and other multi-purpose spaces to add a little flair.
Erin Lee - We like the Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, it's rechargeable and my family likes how adjustable it is!
Molly Pearcy - I have found that the Newhouse Lighting LED Clip on Light is a nice little reading light that can be used in several locations. I have used it on my children's desks, on their lofts and even for lighting in their blanket forts. The clip is strong and sturdy and the LED light is bright. The goosen...
Guilherme Nogales - Slick contemporary design with sturdy base that doesn’t move around every time you need to adjust position. The different levels of brightness is just perfect for reading with warm light or knock out some work with focus white luminosity.
Emily Midgley - Love this lamp for my craft room. Gives off great light and folds flat for easy storage.
Dakota Stern - As an avid reader, I like to enjoy a warm glass of tea with a good novel before going to bed at night. However, the table light adjacent to my bed does not produce enough light to read, so I decided to give this product a try, and I don't regret it. Finally a book light that lives up to all the h...
Chris Manderino - Best floor lamp I've ever owned. It can be adjusted easily and the light is perfect. I liked it so much bought a second one for my bedroom.
Carol Mullins - Great light for reading and tasks. Arm moves up and down and head tips to direct light. Takes up so little space.
Dakota Stern - I know this might just look like an average table lamp to some, and maybe that is truly just what it is, but this vintage table lamp is touch-controlled and 3-way dimmable. It's also great for showcasing an Edison Bulb.

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