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The best hair dryers of 2021

Victoria Grinde - I got the hair dryer from Dyson. A little pricy but totally worth it.
Sydney Mintle - For Christmas this year, my husband surprised me with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. I had seen ads for it and watched as other influencers posted about it, but honestly, I didn't understand what the buzz was about. For starters, the blow dryer is nearly $400, which is a far cry from the $40 dr...
Jessica Alfaro - This cuts down my hair drying time a lot. I recommend it for sure.
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Emma Beyer, Melanie Tinker and 1 other
Susan Stocker - I have had my BabyBliss Pro for 20 years and it never lets me down. It's strong, has a great cold shot, gets nice and hot on the hottest temperature, and dries thick hair quickly. It lasts forever, and the brand has been around for a long time. Made Italy. Note: It is not the lightest weight hair...
Myles Azehko - I bought this to do my hair since I have to undo each braid, clean it, dry it and redo it in order to keep my hairstyle neat. I really love it!

Works great on all hair types. I have really thick and long 4c hair, but all the ads had Caucasian women with straight/wavy hair, but lots of input from...
Tammy Mayne - I have a L'ange. It gives you a lot of volume. I love it!
Lisa Wolfendale - I currently own the In Styler BLU turbo ionic dryer. I really like the heat, and airflow options. You also can choose high or low ion setting.
Julie Underwood - I spent a lifetime thinking "my hair just won't dry all day". Then I stayed in a fancy hotel where this was the hair dryer and found out it only takes a few minutes to dry my hair. I've been living a lie. Now my friends ask me if I straightened & styled my hair in the morning. As if. Best $100ish...

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