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The best hair dryers of 2023

Victoria Grinde - I got the hair dryer from Dyson. A little pricy but totally worth it.
Test Out - I honestly thought this hair dryer was all hype but since I've bought it it's the best hair dryer I've ever used.
Tracy Flack - The best hair dryer you’ll ever own! It’s lightweight, isn’t super loud and best of all it cuts down significantly on drying time without damaging your hair.
recommended by
Jessica Alfaro, Beth Brown and 1 other
Susan Stocker - I have had my BabyBliss Pro for 20 years and it never lets me down. It's strong, has a great cold shot, gets nice and hot on the hottest temperature, and dries thick hair quickly. It lasts forever, and the brand has been around for a long time. Made Italy. Note: It is not the lightest weight hair...
Vanessa Houser - Absolutely the best hair dryer on the market…Ferrari engine and under $200!
recommended by
Brittany Menestrina - This is the best dryer I've ever tried. When I was in the market I was looking at really high end models and I am so happy I chose this product! Works so well that I got one for my sister and Mom!
Susan Smith - recommended on Fresh Chalk and I really like it
Tammy Mayne - I have a L'ange. It gives you a lot of volume. I love it!
Liz Stella - I used to use this Italian brand in the UK and was pleased to see I can get them in the US too! A robust model that dries hair rapidly (I need to save time wherever possible!) and keeps the hair healthy. I love it!
Lisa Wolfendale - I currently own the In Styler BLU turbo ionic dryer. I really like the heat, and airflow options. You also can choose high or low ion setting.
Julie Underwood - I spent a lifetime thinking "my hair just won't dry all day". Then I stayed in a fancy hotel where this was the hair dryer and found out it only takes a few minutes to dry my hair. I've been living a lie. Now my friends ask me if I straightened & styled my hair in the morning. As if. Best $100ish...

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