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Meet the Pros

Founder’s Story: John Lee of Loopie Laundry

Tuesday July 6th

Loopie co-founder John Lee tells Fresh Chalk about his a-ha moment that sparked the creation of the "Uber for laundry."

Meet the Pro: Karl Hackett of Jacob Willard Home

Tuesday February 23rd

How Karl Hackett turned a massive collection of mid-century modern furniture into a family legacy.

Meet The Pro: Valerie Madison

Tuesday November 10th

How fine jeweler Valerie Madison turned a deep seated passion for the environment into a thriving business that honors the beauty of metals and gemstones in a way that is respectful of the earth from which they came.

Meet the Pro: Ideas By CeCe

Thursday October 29th

Everyone loves a good party, but honestly, who has the time (or the inspiration) to put one together? Enter CeCe Smith, whose event planning service, Ideas by CeCe, promises to take any party from ordinary to extraordinary.

Meet the Pro: Candace Connor of Captured By Candace

Thursday October 8th

Candace Connor of Captured by Candace Photography has carved a pathway for Black representation in the wedding photography industry, snapping moments of tenderness and triumph through her own unique lens.

Meet the Pro: Ambika Singh of Armoire

Tuesday October 6th

We spoke to CEO Ambika Singh about how Armoire is supporting women in redefining what it means to be a “boss lady” while making sustainable and fashionable clothing accessible.

Meet the Pro: Krista Linden of Farm 12

Wednesday September 16th

Krista Linden is the Executive Director of Farm 12, a full-service restaurant and event center. Krista transformed the farm into a place that will strengthen family and community for generations to come.

Meet the Pros: D'Vonne and KeAnna Pickett of The Postman

Monday August 31st

Supporting Black-owned businesses and the USPS are both important. The owners of The Postman talk to us about the importance of community and how to stay connected during these turbulent times.

Meet the Pro: Shauna Causey of Weekdays

Tuesday August 25th

Shauna Causey started Weekdays after becoming frustrated with the lack of childcare options. We visit with Shauna about micro-schooling and other great programs that are available.