Cardinal Heating & Air

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over 2 years ago
They helped and diagnose and resolve a heater issue which our previous heating service had failed to resolve after multiple attempt.
about 3 years ago
Got the job done, no BS
over 4 years ago
Easy to work with, professional group.
over 4 years ago
Really easy to work with, they have provided some HVAC advise for us and also maintained our system.

Cautionary Tales

Reticent Mouse - about 3 years ago
About a year ago, our fancy water heater stopped putting out hot water.

Called these guys, signed up for an annual service plan ($650) which seemed pricey but includes investigating and fixing this + annual maintenance.

About one year on, thought "gee, it's been about a year... time for the maintenance check?" and called them to arrange

Their guy came out, poked around and send an invoice for $0 (because it's included in the plan).

One week later the hot water isn't working. Called them. "Sorry we're all booked up, but can send after-hours person at $390 for the 1st hour, $199 for each additional hour if it takes longer than an hour"

Called to ask (a) shouldn't it not break once per year? (b) 1 week after an inspection? (c) cost this much to get service when I'm on the annual plan...right?

"I'm sorry I'm not a tech I can't help you. As I said, our normal service calendar is fully booked. We have plenty of customers who ready to pay the after hours rates. Let us know if you want hot water."

SUMMARY: it seems Cardinal doesn't need your business as they have plenty of demand. Good for them. I'm out.
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