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10 Best Seattle HVAC Contractors

  • 7116 220th St SW 1, Mountlake Terrace
    Liz Pearce - They did a solid job installing central air in my home. The post-install inspection process was a bit of a mess (unclear what was happening when and if someone needed to be home) but otherwise good work.
    Adam Doppelt - They did a nice job with my attic AC install. There were bumps along the way, but they fixed the problems quickly and threw in some free maintenance to smooth things over. Clearly they care about the customer.
    Kirby Winfield - Prompt response to water heater issue/questions on a Sunday morning. Gave a quote for a new heater via text message Sunday afternoon. Installed beautifully Tuesday!
  • Ben Gilbert - I did the annual plan after I moved into my house.
    Steve Dossick - Awesome and thorough service every time.
    Colleen Morris - I’ve used them for a gas furnace, central air, duct work, an on-demand water heater, and mini-split for an ADU. They’re not the cheapest but they’ve always been thorough, accurate, and have good people. They have a maintenance plan which does save you money on their prices, and I don’t have to worry about remembering when I have to do maintenance.
  • 7501 2nd Ave S, Seattle • South Park
  • 10011 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle • Greenwood
    Vanessa Laughlin - Gene Johnson Plumbers saved the day when a broken shower caused a meltdown among AirBnb guests in one of our rentals. Understandably! A team came the same day we called and since they happened to have an opening, they didn't even charge us a 'rush fee', which I have never seen before when working with other companies. Also, everyone I've met who works there is a perfect gentleman, which is never a bad thing.
    Colleen Morris - I really liked Marcus, the tech we worked with - he's a great guy. He did a lot of things he technically didn’t have to do in order to do the job right.
    recommended by Beach Blvd
  • 14148 NE 190th St, Woodinville
    Michael Mattmiller - Great customer service, efficient, reasonable prices.
    Melissa Lockard - Bob's helped my elderly mother with replacement of a water heater. They were honest and efficient. We have had experiences in past w/other companies that try to take advantage of the elderly. They were excellent!
    Steve Conrad - I've had Bob's do 2 houses I own and they did an excellent job on both. They are my "go to" guys for any HVAC work. Bigger company, but they treat you right.
  • 4601 S 134th Pl, Tukwila
    Dae Yu - More of a pre-review at this point. These guys are working with Costco and a water heater supplier to offer a commercial grade water heater through Costco for residential installation. I'm thinking of using them.

    if y'all have thoughts and opinions of working with them, then please share.

    p.s. water heaters and all the related work to get them replaced in a residential setting... expensive!
    (maybe part of the reason why it only happens every decade or so)
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: They were quick and courteous and respectful of my client's home. Also has emergency services (Danielle 2/2019)
  • 10228 Main St, Bothell
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - (Margaret 2/2019)
    recommended by Sara Eizen
  • 13649 NE 126th Pl 101, Kirkland
    Omar Shahine - Really easy to work with, they have provided some HVAC advise for us and also maintained our system.
    Lora Shahine - Easy to work with, professional group.
  • 7034 220th St SW, Mountlake Terrace
    Adam Doppelt - Artisans. They ripped out my terrible tankless system and put in a custom boiler/thermos. Beautiful work done on time.
    Ben Shorr - Tore out old boiler - installed new boiler. Not cheap - but excellent work. Still working 8 months later.
  • 20508 56th Ave W B, Lynnwood
    Adam Doppelt - This guy came in and fixed my broken gas fireplace. Also replaced the little burny bits, cleaned the igniter, etc. Reasonably priced and highly recommended.
    recommended by Carolyn Gracz

Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right HVAC contractor? Ask your friends.
Marston Gould
28 days ago • Seward Park
Hi folks, I'm looking for someone who could recommend a contractor to install a 12k BTU ductless air conditioner on my 2nd floor off a breezeway
2 replies
28 days ago
Adam Doppelt Heya Martson. Blue Flame does a million of these every summer. We had them put a mini-split in our attic and they did a good job, though not without significant hiccups. Every project has hiccups, though, and they worked diligently to complete the job. I've also heard good things about Greenwood Heating & Air from several folks.
Marston Gould Thanks Adam
Sanjay Puri
about 1 month ago • Bellevue
After 19 years in Seattle, it seems like we'll need to bite the bullet and install air-conditioning this summer (thank you Coronavirus). Any recomm...
6 replies
30 days ago
Amy Bates Greenwood Hearing and Plumbing did mine as well. Very happy with the results!
Steve Conrad I've had Bob's do 2 houses I own and they did an excellent job on both. They are my "go to" guys for any HVAC work. Bigger company, but they treat you right.
Adam Doppelt These are all good choices. I'd also recommend Energy Works. Get bids from a few, you won't regret the extra time!
Lisa Mesplay
about 1 month ago • Federal Way
Has anybody worked with an HVAC company to install a multi-split system in your home? We have a modest 1968 bi-level and we don't want to do centra...
5 replies
about 1 month ago
Steve Dossick Not sure how far south they work, but greenwood heating and air takes great care of us. Many of their sales folks are former technicians so are pretty knowledgeable on the various options to fit your home.
Dan Sundgren Glendale Heating is the best and they are right there in Des Moines and do a ton of work in the south sound.
Lisa Mesplay Thank you so much for the recommendations, everyone! I will add them to my short list. I appreciate your kindness in taking the time to respond. True July weather is coming!
Michelle Flandreau
about 2 months ago • Queen Anne
Hi - We built a house 2.5 years ago and our air conditioner has never worked correctly. Let me know if you have a good/ trustworthy HVAC repair con...
8 replies
10 days ago
Newcastle Life Try Fox Plumbing and Heating
Michelle Flandreau @SaraEizen I ended up having Energy Technologies out and they were great - thanks for the recommendation!
Sara Eizen @MissFlandreau YAY! So happy to hear you had a good experience with Energy Technologies.
Jacob Hollenbeck
2 months ago • Delridge
Wondering what everyone thinks of adding air filtration to their central air, and if the allergens in Seattle are worth the investment? Curious to ...
2 replies
2 months ago
Ryan Bruss You want to make sure to change the filters every 90 days. When I lived in Texas ours were really gross after just a few months. I would hate to have been breathing all that in unnecessarily.
Adam Doppelt Yes, you should use filters and spend a few minutes picking the right one. You want to get a filter that can handle Seattle's wildfire smoke, and if you spend a bit more it'll even filter out many viruses. Never thought that would be important...

Higher MERV numbers will cost a bit more and put a bit more strain to your HVAC. I would categorize filters as generally pretty cheap, though, and modern HVAC should be able to handle the load. Last summer we put in Nordic Pure MERV 12 for wildfire smoke. This summer we are using MERV 14 to minimize virus exposure. I had to order those directly from Nordic Pure since Amazon didn't carry our filter size.

Also see our post on wildfire smoke which has some info on standalone filters. We use Coway units downstairs.
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