10 Best Seattle Cobblers

  • 3509 Evanston Ave N, Seattle • Fremont
    Tom Laramee - Dave Page is an old-skool cobbler in Fremont center. They were kind enough to fix the straps on my heavy bag after they wore away enough to tear in half.
    Andrew Bohrer - I've used Dave a couple times for boots, Frye boots specifically. Seems odd to gush about a cobbler, he is fast, he has a competitive price, and he gets it done. Dave does good work 'nuff said.
    Piragash - This is where the Nordstrom shoe salespeople go for their shoe repair needs.
    recommended by Kate Leroux, Ben Shorr, Jay Hoover
  • 815 E Republican St, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Laura - These guys are open late...which is really convenient when you want to pick up your shoes after work.
    Rich Tong - They do a great job on shoes and r really conveniently located on Capitol Hill. It is really great they have those yellow loading only spots in front so if ur bringing your car u don't have to even park.

    Soling shoes is expensive but really worth it. It is about $32 for men's shoes including rubber protective. Their advice is in some ways worth more than the repairs. They do a great job of looking and your shoes and recommending what to do.

    I just loved the fact that the cobbler said. These heels are fine so when the wear out come back and we will put rubber on it. Also I had some soles coming apart and rather than replacing he just said he would glue them on and not replace. Great long term thinking that makes it easy to trust them.
    Michelle George - I highly recommend Broadway Shoe Repair for any shoe repairs and leather work! They do awesome, high quality work at affordable prices and have super friendly and knowledgeable staff. I I can always trust that they will treat my items as their own and get them back to looking like they did when they were brand new! Life long customer for sure!
    recommended by Siri Angeles
  • 2305 N 45th St, Seattle • Wallingford
    Piragash - If Nordstrom isn’t convenient, go here
  • Westlake
    Erin Lee - I buy my shoes online through Nordstrom. Free shipping and you can return them hassle-free in any Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.
    Piragash - They’ll replace your worn sole, and contrary to popular belief you don’t need to trade your soul.
  • 2629 NE University Village St, Seattle
    Vaneeta - Ok--this place is spendy and the cobbler is not always in a great mood. However, he is a true artist and fixes shoes, making them like new. Plus you get your shoes back in a matter of hours. I've taken many irreplaceable pairs here and he's worked wonders.
  • 701 5th Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Autum Grimm - Great company, craftsman who sees the beauty in things you love and brings them back to life. 😍
  • 2432 32nd Ave W, Seattle • Magnolia
    Jeri and Amy Andrews - A true artisan. Makes our shoes last for years.
  • 501 15th Ave E Unit B, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Devon Burns - Wonderful cobbler. Will tell you straight up if he can fix your shoes or not. He doesn't do zippers so take your purses elsewhere. Does a quality job on sole replacements. Also, he will tell you what brands of shoes are good quality or not.
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), 17801 International Blvd, Seattle
    Cathy Galka - Lucky Shines Shoe Shine with three locations in the C, D and N gates is a locally-owned and offers shoe shine services to SEA travelers. The owner, Marcus, and his team will make sure you leave feeling polished.
  • recommended by Capalbos Gift Baskets

Cobbler/Shoe Repair

If your shoes aren’t looking their best, or you’re unable to wear a pair of shoes due to wear-and-tear, consider a visit to your local cobbler. Cobblers can extend the life of your favorite pair of shoes. If you need a basic re-sole, new tips for your high heels, or need those tall boots stretched just a bit to accommodate both your leg and a sock, a cobbler is for you. Good shoes can be expensive, so consider having them repaired and re-soled before you throw them out.

Here are our top tips for considering cobblers in your area:

How much does it cost to repair my shoes? Is it worth it?

That depends. Some go the route of, if it is more expensive to repair the shoe than to replace it, then it is best to replace it. Another thing to consider is to take care of the shoes you already have and love to wear. Finding comfortable shoes can take time and there is no guarantee that the shoes you are wearing today will be available in the future.

Prices for shoe repairs vary depending on your area, but most cobblers offer these basic services, which in general, cost less than a pair of good shoes.

  • Half-sole – the bottom of your shoe from the mid-point forward to the toe. Cost $40-55

  • Full-sole – the full length of the bottom of your shoe, including the heel. Cost $45-90

  • Heels – just the heel. $25-35

  • Stiletto heels – the small, usually plastic tip of your stiletto heels. Cost $5-15

  • Stiletto heel reconstruction – Did the heel snap right off? Have a heart-to-heart conversation with your cobbler. Cost $60-100

  • Shoe stretching –stretch shoes up to a half size, or up to 0.5” through the leg and calf. Cost $15-45

  • Waterproofing – you can easily do this at home, however if you have materials like suede or calf hair, it is best to go with a professional. Cost $18-28

  • Shoe shine and leather conditioning – typically an add-on service while you’re getting new soles. Cost $8-$20

What should I use a cobbler for?

Shoe repairs mostly, but cobblers can do more than save your old cowboy boots. In addition to patching, stitching, re-soling, conditioning and shining your beloved boots and dress shoes. Cobblers also create custom shoes to accommodate orthopedic issues and leg length discrepancies. Call ahead for a quote or a recommendation if what you need is outside of their basic services.

How do I know if my shoes are re-soleable? Can hiking boots or sneakers be repaired?

When your shoe gets re-soled, the outer sole (the part you walk on) is replaced. If your soles are worn thin, cracked, or coming unattached from the rest of your shoe, it is time for a new sole. Cobblers give you a choice between leather and rubber soles. Both are durable, but there are tradeoffs. While leather soles give you elegance and formality, rubber soles give you flexibility and extra traction in the rain and snow. Sneakers and ballet flats are shoes that have a “cup sole” and typically can’t be re-soled. Hiking boots and rock climbing shoes on the other hand can be re-soled. In the Seattle area, Dave Page is highly recommended by both customers and brands like REI, Montrail, and Merrell.

When should I go to a cobbler?

Becoming a cobbler isn’t exactly a popular profession in 2020, but it is a popular service. Cobblers can book up quickly and the turnaround time can vary from same-day to a few weeks. If you can manage a little bit of advanced planning, we recommend taking in your favorite winter boots and rain boots in during the summer, and rotating in sandals and high heels for later in the winter.

Can a cobbler fix my broken purse?

Yes. Cobblers are an excellent resource for more than just repairing and re-soling your shoes. Cobblers are known to work on strap and hardware repairs, Velcro, and zippers. The cobblers at Broadway Shoe Repair in the Capitol Hill neighborhood saved a much-loved laptop bag strap with minutes with a few critical stitches.

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