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11 days ago
I love my echo its so nice to be able to turn my lights on and off with it and when i leave my dogs home alone i turn on my Spotify for them.
about 2 months ago
helps solve arguments.....
5 months ago
my mom has one of these and loves it, shes always asking it questions!
6 months ago
I have two! Literally powers my tv and all my smart lights. At night when I dont feel like getting up i say "Alexa, turn off bedroom light" and it will turn it off! It also turns it on! If you get the smart key it can lock your front door too!!
7 months ago
My daughter and son-in-law are the ones who gave us this. I think my husband uses it more than we do. The granddaughter likes to ask it questions and make it make animal noises. My husband likes to play old-timer music on it.
7 months ago
I don't know what I did before my Alexa! I have an Echo Dot in almost every room!
7 months ago
I have Amazon Smart Plugs that work along side my Echo. It is great for playing music, asking random facts, or smart controlling your home/office! Nothing like saying 'Echo, Lights On!"
7 months ago
We have an Echo Dot in pretty much every room! My kids love to ask all sorts of questions to it and play music! I use them to be able to update To-Do and Shopping Lists from wherever in the house.
8 months ago
I love my echo dot, it has really become a necessity in my house. It is so convenient and helpful. I love that it alerts me when I have an Amazon package at my door !
Cindy Sersig We love our echo dots. I thought the novelty of one would go away after a month or two but the kids use it for so many things. While we use it primarily for music, the kids have her make sounds, ask her how to spell words, check their math problems, ask jokes, ask for translations in other languages, etc.
  • 7 months ago
recommended by Courtney Bowling, Katie Taylor


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