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5 months ago
I use this for reading, it's so convenient to use!
Elexa Martinez Sounds like you have a great library system there we also use libby a lot here.
  • 5 months ago
Molly Pearcy Libby is great! We use it for audio books.
  • 5 months ago
6 months ago
We absolutely love our library here in Austin and the Libby app offers so many books and audio books. We literally us the libby app every day. The read alongs with my younger child that turn Epicture books into readalongs, the ebooks for chapter books on our iPad and then audio books in the evening before my kids go to bed. I like playing the many mindfulness books for kids and adults in the evenings as well as novels with my older child. We have been able to discover so much literature this way since here in Austin our libraries are still closed.
Allison H I've been wanting to give this a try!
  • 6 months ago
7 months ago
Finally got a Kindle a few months ago and have been really happy with this app. It's simple to use and works great to manage getting my library books onto the Kindle.
8 months ago
Love accessing library books through my kindle!
Cindy Sersig I think I have access to this app through my library. I've been meaning to check it out. I've had a hard time transitioning to reading ebooks. I prefer an actual book in my hand, but since Covid, I've had to give in.
  • 8 months ago
8 months ago
Libby is a must have app for an avid reader! I use it to download digital books to my device so I can read anywhere. It has also been great for my kids. Libby is very user friendly which allows them to browse titles on the own to find what they are interested in. The kids particularly love being able to check out audio books.
8 months ago
I love Libby! This app connects to your library and you can read and listen to books for free! I just finished the book "Before We Were Yours" and it was so good! If you love listening to audiobooks I HIGHLY recommend this app.
11 months ago
Use this free app to open up the amazing world of library e-books. I started doing this a few years ago and it's a big hit in my family. Most public libraries support Libby. Place books on hold, wait a few weeks for the app to notify you, and then read on your phone or kindle. This really feels like the way libraries should work in the modern era.
12 months ago
I've been using Libby for quite a few years and it's my favorite. I love being able to find nearly any book and have the audible version within 6 weeks. I use it on my long runs and I am always amazed how easily I can tune out the world with a good book playing the background.
recommended by Augustina Liu
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