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The best hair care of 2021

Karline Nogales - I got blonde highlights, and as we know, chemicals damage our hair. So I decided to buy Olaplex to give it a try. I read the label instructions, applied the product to my hair, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then, I washed it out and let my hair dry naturally. The result was AMAZING - A silky, sm...
Allison H - I'm a total believer in the Olaplex system - it's a game changer for your hair.
Chris Manderino - So when you decide after 4+ decades to go from a brunette to a blonde to see if they really do have more fun...the one downside is super dry hair. Use this stuff twice a month - leave it on about an hour and way, way better.
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Z M - I have wavy hair but me and my curly-haired relatives like Moroccan Oil. It de-frizzes and moisturizes. It also smells good the entire day. Plus, a little goes a long way- I've been using a travel size bottle from Australia since the start of 2020.
Elisa Lee - I am grateful to have long, thick hair. However, it's paired with dryness and frizz. The Moroccanoil Treatment saved my dead ends and keeps my hair shiny!
Lynne Tanzer - Morroccan Oil has been a game changer for me. I have less breakage and my hair is way more silky and shiny.
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Christina Nelson - This product really helps me tame my flyaways while giving my hair the right amount of shine. I love that I can apply it near the crown of my head right after I shower without having to worry about my hair looking oily when it dries. One bottle lasts me forever, too!
Morgan Keith - Perfect for flyaways. The best part is how good it smells!
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Elissa Tompkins - This is great for really any type of hair. It doesn't weigh down my thin hair too much which is pretty rare for an oil.
Liz Stella - I'm a fan of Verb's Ghost Weightless Hair Oil. I've used it for years since discovering it in Austin. It ticks all the boxes and is also vegan! It doesn't weigh down the hair or leave it greasy.
Mariella Tamayo - My hair stylist recommended this to me and I use it every time i wash my hair and will continue to because it helps keep my health strong!
Kei Castillo - Love this product! One of the first curl products I ever tried and still to this day one of the best for soft (not crunchy) curl definition!
Patricia Burnett - If you have curly hair, then you know the struggle of trying to contain the frizz! This product had been my ride-or-die for months now! It is best used after your shower while your hair is still damp. Run the cream through your hair; blow dry or air dry; it'll do wonders. And your hair still look...
Liz Huerta - I enjoy using this as a last step after I wash my hair.
Meredith Fife - I bought a Denman Brush based on the Fresh Chalk recommendations. It has made a world of difference on my curly hair. It is so much easier to manage than my old hairbrush and it does a great job shaping my hair.
Danielle Williams - I use a Denman brush. They have wide spaced bristles that allow you to cover more room and get out more tangles
Charity Jedeikin - I love the Denman brush!
Mandi Pacer - My hair doesn't always like to fully cooperate, even after various applications of conditioner/ detangler spray etc. so this hair brush has been a godsend. I don't feel like I am losing hair when I have to work through mangles and it doesn't make my hair look frizzy after drying it.
Esther Kast - My granddaughter has long thick, wavy hair and I love using this on her crazy hair! Best hair tool for getting tangles out.
Kate Leroux - My child used to have long hair (down to their butt - 2+ feet long) and this is the only brush that was effective without also being torture.
Natasha Willis - A hair growth product that actually works?! You found it here!
Laura Wilkinson - I have thin fine hair and this product actually works great. I use it in conjunction with Nioxin shampoo & conditioner.
Madeline Savage - I love it! I definitely see difference
Elissa Tompkins - I started using this product from a salon recommendation and I have used it ever since. A little goes a long way.
Natasha Willis - Great for my thin and fine hair! Gives the appearance of it looking thick!
Courtney Wolfe - This product is amazing!! Super lightweight and really adds density! I own a salon in Boulder and this is one of my favorite products I carry!
Julie Joyce - I have used the Deva Curl line in the past, and liked the product for curly hair.
Claudella Constanza - Deva Curl products have been a blessing for my hair. I have puffy, curly, frizzy hair...very bad combination with the Miami weather. These products help me keep my curls under control.
Jill Friedman - I'm a fan of Deva Curl for curly hair. They have no sulfates or parabens and they have enough products for different kinds of curly hair. I've used this brand for about 5 years and love it.
Jade Hodo - This has been my favorite curling creme for about 5+ years now. I used for braid-outs, Twist-outs, and wash & go's and love the results every time. It is a staple in my curly hair collection.
Liz Huerta - I put this in my hair right out of the shower while its still soaking wet. It makes my hair very soft and keeps my hair wavy.
Karlie Williamson - The best thing i’ve used on my curls!
Elissa Tompkins - Best curling iron I’ve ever owned! Has so many different settings and smooths my hair as it curls.
Natasha Willis - This is my favorite hair curler. It was a little pricey but it's worth it fir how my curls look when i'm done, and they last forever
Tameka brown - This is a great Brand and it works phenomenal with Wrinkle in curly hair
Jade Hodo - Jamaican Black castor oil has made my hair really strong and has it growing like crazy. I even convinced my grandma to try it and she loves it. Before her hair was thinning and wouldn't grow and now it's finally getting back healthy.
morgan tucker - as someone who wears mascare pretty much every day, i love to use a little bit of this at night on my lashes to keep them healthy and hydrated.
Mandi Pacer - On my 30th birthday last year, I treated myself to a stylized blowout at a Dry Bar in Highlands Ranch and the stylist used this product on me to lift my flat, dull hair. I like to apply it as soon as I get out of the shower and with damp hair. The product doesn't feel heavy and gives my straight ...
Stacy Gregorace - I have thin hair that never is smooth. This works great and isn’t stiff. Smells really good too. Glad I discovered these products
Kei Castillo - Great at fighting off frizz and the line uses honey in all of their products. My only personal drawback was that the smell was more floral than I personally like--I tend to stick with their honey and pomegranate line because of the fragrance difference, but that's just personal preference, the pr...
Jade Hodo - Love the definition that this leave-in conditioner gives my curls. I have low porosity hair and I feel like this hydrates it very well.
Elissa Tompkins - I love the whole olaplex system and it really helped my dry hair!
Vanessa Houser - Hands down the best shampoo & conditioner on the market for all hair types!
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Kei Castillo - Saved my hair from certain, brittle-doom! Definitely a must-have in Denver's humidity-lacking climate!
Valentina Guerriero - Love OGX products! The scent of this product is my favorite! Also helps with avoiding dry hair and split ends 😊
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Carol Mullins - Leaves hair soft and manageable.
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Christina Nelson - During the summer, i keep this in my purse so that I can protect my scalp on days when I forget to bring a hat. This has saved me from so many painful sunburns! It does leave the slightest oily residue if I apply too much--but I don't find to be too noticeable. It smells great, it's easy to apply...
Heather Smith - Amazing product. I use this when hiking and kayaking without a hat so that my scalp does not burn.
Alexis Rubenstein - For styling I use L’Oréal ever curl one day and ogx quenching coconut curl mousse the next. Ogx coconut curl shampoo and conditioner are great. I either diffuse or air dry.
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