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over 2 years ago
I got a membership to Tone It Up, and I'm careful not to fault the App for my lack of working out over the past year. The financial commitment was pretty light per month, so it was money that I don't consider wasted even if I didn't use it much. The good? Lots of videos from 7 minutes to 40+ minutes. They also have programs/challenges that you can join and it sets you up with a week of work outs that you can schedule as you need. It sort of makes it mindless if you're the type to lose half the dedicated hour for working out to searching for the right video (that me!). They have a good assortment of yoga videos, and there's plenty of options to ramp it up from there into HIIT workouts and cardio kickboxing and whatnot. What I like about it is the variety: it's hard to dread working out if you don't know what you're in store for. There's not a ton of repetition, so it makes the time go by a little quicker. The app is easy to navigate and quickly narrow down options based on what you're looking for. The only words of caution I have are that you need a high threshold for the You-Go-Girl!-isms. It's a bit cheerleader-y, so I try to keep the volume down and my own music up! They have made efforts and gotten better about having a more diverse group of women that host the videos so kudos to them, but for a while there they leaned hard on skinny white women with mermaid hair. Thankfully it's not so bad on their newer videos! They have a lot of nutrition plan stuff to pair with the work outs, but I can't vouch much for that!