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over 2 years ago
This is a super durable shoe ideal for off-roading.
almost 3 years ago
These are by far my favorite pair of casual shoes! Extremely comfortable, easy to slip on, and completely waterproof!!! Like, go step in puddles waterproof. I wear these shoes almost every day and they are great rain or shine. These shoes were also a lifesaver when I was bike commuting to school, I could wear them biking in the rain and my toes would stay dry. Cant recommend them enough!
Liz Pearce I ordered these on your recommendation! :)
  • almost 3 years ago
Meredith Fife Waterproof? That's a big deal around here!
  • almost 3 years ago
Kelsey Lockard Liz I know you will love them. I was doubtful at first that they were truly waterproof but they really are, perfect on days like today in Seattle!
  • almost 3 years ago