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Kelsey Lockard

New to Fremont, originally from Sammamish!
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Abeego Beeswax Wraps
Food Container
I haven't had plastic wrap in my kitchen for over two years now. Between these reusable beeswax wraps and Tupperware containers, there really has been no need. They aren't very sticky when you touch them, however the warmth of your hand causes the wrap to stick to itself making it really easy to cover bowls and plates, or to wrap avocados, cheese, and other items. They are washable in some cold water and soap and can be used over and over. I have started to make my own beeswax wraps, but it took a long time to figure out how to do it correctly. I still use my abeego wraps everyday and recommend for anyone who finds themselves wanting to use less plastic wrap!
Albatross Butterfly Razor
This safety razor is amazing. I made the switch to a plastic free razor when I learned that the US alone throws out 2 billion razor heads a year! This razor is easy to use and the replacement blades are ~$0.15 a piece and Albatross has a great blade take back program.
Amazing Grass
Super Foods
I love taking the Amazing Grass Green Superfood first thing in the morning. You get 2 full servings of fruits and vegetables. The taste is actually pretty good and both myself and my boyfriend think that our skin has gotten healthier after drinking this for a few months. Nice healthy way to jump start the morning
Bamboo Toothbrush
These work just as well as any other non-electric toothbrush and they are so much better for the environment. They last just as long, but then when it is time to switch to a new toothbrush, its really easy to remove the plastic bristles with pliers (the bristles go in the trash) and then the entire handle is compostable. Not a perfect solution as the bristles are still plastic, but it is an easy switch for someone trying to be more eco-friendly!
Bite Toothpaste
These little tablets are great for taking toothpaste on vacation without using those wasteful, small plastic tubes. You just take a tablet, bite it and start brushing. I was pleasantly surprised at how similar the foaming of the tablets resembled normal toothpaste. Sure it is just slightly chalky, but it really isn't bad at all. I don't use these as my everyday toothpaste because they are a bit expensive, but they are great to have on hand for trips to avoid the plastic travel-sized tubes.
Casina Rossa Truffle Salt
Specialty Salts
Truffle salt on popcorn, truffle salt on avocado toast, truffle salt on hard boiled eggs..... SO GOOD! This brand is my favorite as I have tried a few other brands that are too much salt and not enough truffle, this one is perfect!
Dash Mini Waffle Maker
Waffle Maker
I love this little waffle maker. I recommend getting the Protein Pancake mix from Trader Joes and using that to make waffles. We also have made really good waffle fries with this little guy!
Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap
Hand Soap
This soap is great because it has a ton of uses. We use it as a body wash, dish soap, and hand soap (all diluted with water). Its organic, biodegradable, and comes in bottles made of recycled material. Very handy to just keep a big jug around and refill our reusable soap containers.
Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
Purchased this vacuum based on the other Fresh Chalk Reviews- We love it! It is extremely light, easy to use, and is GREAT at getting cat hair off of our carpet. Also works great on hardwood.
Eno DoubleNest Hammock
We use this hammock all the time. We bring it on camping trips, day hiking trips, or just days we want to go read in a park somewhere. Super easy to set up, extremely durable, and fairly light weight! As a plus, they have a great selection of fun colors.
Lush Shampoo Bars
I LOVE Lush Shampoo bars. They last surprisingly long and do a really good job at foaming up and making my hair feel clean. I have tried other shampoo bars in the past and they always leave my hair feeling not clean enough, or even oily. Definitely recommend the Montalbano scent. You can also buy them either in store or online completely plastic free :)
Luxe Bidet Neo 120
Good purchase if you are looking to be more environmentally friendly and save a little bit of TP money! Works great and was super easy to install!
No Tox Life - Dish Soap Block
Dish Soap
I am obsessed with these zero waste dish blocks. I try really hard to minimize the amount of plastic that I use in my daily life. This block was shipped to me completely plastic free and it has lasted so long. I have it resting on a small tile right next to my sink and then when I am doing dishes I just rub my scrub brush on it and it gets all soapy. Not only is it non toxic and package free, I get so many compliments on it as it looks so much more aesthetically pleasing on my counter than a plastic bottle of dish soap. I recommend as an easy low waste swap!
Pentel Silica Pens 0.25
As someone who writes really small and in all caps, I hate using most pens as they have way to thick of a tip. This pen is by far my favorite as it makes really crisp lines, and allows my small handwriting to be easily visible.
REI Magma Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
I realized this summer that I had been using the same cheap, heavy, old sleeping bag to go backpacking that I used when I was a kid at sleepovers. This summer it was time to invest in a lightweight and warm sleeping bag. I am so happy with this purchase and it has gotten so much use! Its just over 2lbs and is extremely compact when packed but actually pretty roomie when open. I am also an extremely cold sleeper so I liked this one because it should be comfortable down to 17 degrees. This purchase was so worth it and I feel like a dummy for waiting so long to invest in a quality bag.
Silicone Bags
Food Container
I no longer have zip lock bags in my apartment because I hate using single-use plastic and there are so many better alternatives. I have tried both the Stasher silicone bags and these bags with the sliders, and the slider ones have proven to be significantly better. They are dishwasher safe, easy to use, and unlike stasher, they are still closeable after a few months. The problem I have found with stasher bags is that after a while the seal wont actually seal anymore. These bags take a few tries to get use to - but worth the switch for sure!
Spike Ball
Outdoor Game
This game has become one of my favorite summer activities. Spikeball is one of those games where you don’t need to be particularly athletic to play and it is really easy to learn the rules. Be warned though, it can be a workout! I'm convinced the best place to play in on the beach – feels kind of like beach volleyball! Really easy to set up and take down, and all you need is a flat surface to play. It’s great for anyone who likes outdoor games!
Vessi Cityscape Shoes
These are by far my favorite pair of casual shoes! Extremely comfortable, easy to slip on, and completely waterproof!!! Like, go step in puddles waterproof. I wear these shoes almost every day and they are great rain or shine. These shoes were also a lifesaver when I was bike commuting to school, I could wear them biking in the rain and my toes would stay dry. Cant recommend them enough!
Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer
Bike Trainer
Arguably my most expensive purchase ever, my boyfriend and I invested in a power trainer for our bikes and we have absolutely no regrets. Over the summer he was biking anywhere from 500-1000 miles each month, and because I am not insane, I was only doing a few hundred. But living in Seattle, you can’t always depend on the weather to cooperate, so we decided to invest in the indoor trainer for the winter. We just park the trainer in front of our tv and use the Zwift app to control the hills, routes, etc. It’s incredibly easy to attach and detach our bikes to the trainer, and when not in use it stores in our closet really well. We chose this trainer over something like a peloton because we already have perfectly good bikes and live in a small apartment and didn’t want something that would take up a ton of space. Cannot recommend enough!
Who Gives a Crap
Toilet Paper
We have been using this company for just about a year now. Super easy that its delivered every few months, it's eco-friendly, and they have very funny packaging on the rolls. :) Definitely recommend.


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Jacob Hollenbeck
9 days ago • Delridge
With the push to be more conscious of the environment I was wondering if anyone has successfully migrated over to using a bidet? It has always seem...
Amy Woidtke
27 days ago • Northgate
Anyone know of an aloe-free local owned hand sanitizer that moisturizes? I'm sensitive to aloe and would like to support small biz. Thank you!
Zaris Shen
5 months ago • Woodinville
Hi Everyone 👋, Today is my first day at FreshChalk! So excited 😁 . I just graduated from UW in Summer 2020🎓 and just (August 2020) bought my first...
Kelsey Lockard
6 months ago • Fremont
My best friend is getting married and has asked me to look into a Day Of wedding coordinator. Must haves include dress rehearsal planning and gener...
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