The best acne care products of 2023

Elissa Tompkins - I use these for my most stubborn break outs and they really help!
Lindsey S - Super thin and barely noticeable so no problem wearing out during the day. Works great for the already raised blemishes.
Christina Nelson - I always keep a pack of Mighty Patches on hand to quickly tackle stubborn breakouts. I typically wear them overnight because they finish my blemishes significantly by morning. The adhesive stays put without irritating my skin. They also get bonus points for being undetectable when I answer a zoom...
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Elissa Tompkins - The best for my hormonal breakouts!
morgan tucker - honestly, all of their products are amazing! but if you get oily skin in the summer, this specific product works wonders
Stephen Nash - I mistakenly thought that when you reached the age of first gray hair and/or wrinkles that the days of pimples are far behind you. Boy was I wrong. I don't have the acne that scarred my teen years. Now I get the occasional pimple and want to treat it immediately. I've been using Mario Badescu's D...
Zoe Gregorace - These acne stickers are awesome. They've really helped my skin and are great to wear at night and even during the day because they appear clear on your face.
Carly Canter - Acne patches are life changing. Wearing overnight and the pimple is GONE and limited to no scaring!
Kali Thompson - i always put these on pimples that haven't came up yet or pimples that are really red and irritated and it always helps!
Joyce Ling - I use Curology and it lives up to the hype! It's pretty simple and has taught me an easy skincare routine. Over time, I've swapped out some of their products and the only thing I've kept is the prescribed medication. I use a different face wash and moisturizer, but starting with Curology helped m...
Patricia Burnett - I believe Curology is the easiest and effective acne product on the market! With a personalized bottle, they can target your every need! I have been using Curology for a few years now, and my acne has improved over time! With three steps added to your face routine, you will see a difference with ...
larissa Cole - I use this all over my face as a traditional face mask as needed, but I also use it to target problem areas. It’s great for acne! It’s also a little gritty, so as you wash it off it exfoliates. Win win! I’ve now repurchased it a few times already.
Elisa Lee - If you have oily/combination skin with the occasional (or frequent) acne breakouts, this is a must have product. Put it on before you go to bed at night and when you wake up the next morning, the blemish is barely there!
Liz Huerta - The INKEY List SUCCINIC ACID ACNE TREATMENT is something I like to treat acne and I think it would work well for dry skin.
Anna Maria Choi - If you need a spot treatment acne solution, this product has done wonders for me when I travel. If your skin likes to act up when you travel to different regions, and especially if your skin is in tune with stress. This product is amazing to keep a pimple from growing and sucking out all that oil...
Meredith Fife - This has been great for my son. He has struggled with acne and this seemed to do the trick (when he remembers to use it). Great product but on the pricey side.

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