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Lindsay Pedersen

Ravenna • Seattle, WA
Live in Ravenna, and work on Queen Anne. Juggling: publishing a book, running a small business (brand strategy consulting), taking care of aging parents, and momming for a teen, a tween, and a very fat cat.
Joined over 2 years ago

Lindsay Recommends


Bodum Double-Wall Coffee Mugs
Coffee Mug
Before anyone else in the house has awoken, I brew and sip coffee in utter quiet. It is pure magic. And these double-wall mugs are part of the sensory awesomeness of that moment. I love how I can drink a mug of coffee without a handle, because the double-wall glass protects your hands from burning. And I love how it looks like the coffee is suspended in thin air. It's a work of art. It also feels good to hold, and is lightweight (unlike most good mugs). My kids love it for ice water, too, because the double-wall insulates the cold as well as the hot.
Cloud Paper 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper
This Seattle start-up is awesome for a number of reasons. 1) Once I learned how insanely bad for the planet our toilet paper consumption is (most of us will kill 384 trees in our lifetime just for toilet paper, and most of those trees were old growth), I could not un-learn that. Bamboo is fast-growing and ultra sustainable. This is a really easy way to be part of the solution. 2) Their toilet paper is soft. Is it as soft as Charmin? No. But I learned that with tree-based toilet paper the softer the toilet paper, the older the tree it came from. Ugh. 3) They deliver it on a subscription basis, so it's totally convenient and easy. 4) The price seems to be about parity with other toilet papers.
Hoka Running Shoes
Running Shoes
I started wearing Hoka running shoes while training for my first marathon, needing an alternate pair of shoes for low training days. These shoes change the way your foot hits the ground, changing your stride in a subtle way that helps you spread impact across more muscle groups to prevent overuse injury. They're now my regular running shoe. I love them.
This product has transformed my relationship with email. It filters out emails by priority, and gets smarter and smarter as it views what you read and what you don't read. I think it's shaved an hour of thankless email time off every week.
The Always Pan
Pots & Pans
This pan is and does everything. It cooks evenly and beautifully, and it's so versatile that I tossed out my saute pan, sauce pan and skillet and use this instead. It also has a super-handy spoon rest on the actual pan, which makes you wonder why all pans do not come with this. Also, it is lovely to look at.
Youmail Visual Voicemail
I detest listening to voice mails. Blessedly, people rarely leave them anymore, but when one does come through, I dread listening to all the uh's and um's and filler. This product from Youmail transcribes voice mails into a text and/or email, so you never have to listen to voice mails again.


Cocoon Bodywork
Massage Therapist
Joanne is a fantastic massage therapist.
Earth Wind Fire
Jaime, Madzy and Alice (the owners) are three of the best yoga teachers I've ever learned from. The studio itself is full of light, and the practice is always a satisfying and intense workout.
Heather Sorenson
Heather makes you work, really work. No nonsense and kicks your booty, but also really upbeat and encouraging, too. She sees clients in her home gym in Wedgwood.
Kate's Day Spa
Massage Therapist
Kate and Heather are both extraordinarily skilled massage therapists who I've seen for 10 years. Feels less like a polished day spa than like a friend's living room, but the massages are as good as they get. You can also get a steam bath before or after your massage, which is dreamy
Ladywell's Vitality Spa & Sauna
This is a female only spa that has 2 hot pools, a cold pool, 2 saunas, a steam bath and cold plunge. The idea is you rotate between all these pools at your leisure and for as long as you want. Sometimes I get the salt scrub, though often I just go there to sit in the hot tub and read. I've heard their massages are great though never tried one. It's about $30 for a day pass to just hang out in the pools, so feels like a bargain to me, especially if you have a half day to hang out. It's less large and loud than the Korean day spas I've tried in Lynnwood, so a little more luxurious.
I love "floating" and Life Float is tied for my favorite (with Oasis Float in Greenwood). Some float places have small claustrophobic "coffins" you climb into, which me no like. Life Float and Oasis Float have very large float areas (Life Float's is actually a pool in a room, and Oasis Float has giant tanks). Sometimes this is the only way to quiet my brain. It's so therapeutic.
Maven Yoga
A hole in the wall entrance belies the gem of a studio with great heated vinyasa yoga. They also have showers, so you can go on your way to something else.
Modo Yoga Seattle
I really like this studio. The type of yoga is a little different from the vinyasa I usually do. Although it is a heated yoga studio, you hold the poses a few counts, and they seem to have more standard sequences. If you don't like similar sequences from one yoga day to the next, you won't like this. If you like that consistent-ness, you will like this. It is still a vigorous, I-just-got-a-good-workout practice. Moreover, there is a great vibe. The space itself is beautiful and spread out, with nice showers and dressing area, a living room, a very large studio, and friendly owners. They're right next to the Greenlake PCC (the one near Starbucks, not the one on Aurora), with underground or street parking.
Oasis Float
Ritual House
Just a lovely studio
Sol Yoga


Artax Painting
Michael has painted many interior rooms in my home and business, and he's always done an excellent job. Since he's just one person, he isn't as fast as a team going all at once, but he still is faster than other painters I've hired. Mostly I use him because he's a perfectionist and does such good work. I know he does exterior painting too, though I've never hired him for this.
Ballard Electric Co
Blue Sky Cleaners - Interbay
Dry Cleaner
Environmentally friendly. And they pick up and deliver your garments. What more could I want?
Corry's Fine Drycleaning
Carpet Cleaner
Corry's does a good job on detailing, and I like that since they are so close to U Village that you can shop there while they're working. I get an interior detail a few times a year and always feel like a million bucks afterwards.
Palmer Residential
General Contractor
Did a superb job on our basement remodel - gorgeous attention to detail on the actual remodel, and gorgeous management of me, their rather fastidious client. I've been through painful remodels and this was shockingly unpainful. They were not inexpensive, but I also felt like it was fair.
Recycling Services
So, Ridwell is awesome. Since our municipal garbage and recycling systems won't dispose of a lot of stuff you need to get rid of -- batteries, lightbulbs, and most of all, plastic film -- I used to keep that stuff stashed up until finally we'd have to spend a Saturday bringing it to the appropriate places. But Ridwell comes and picks it up for you, disposes of it responsibly, and is really priced. They also, as a bonus, pick up something else each month that you may need to dispose of, such as used kids gear that you've been meaning to bring to the Goodwill. They make sure it gets re-used responsibly. What's more, the price is really reasonable (less than municipal garbage costs us, by my calculation). So they combine giving me back my Saturday with making me feel a little bit less bad about all our waste. And easy on the wallet. HIGHLY recommend.
Sara Eizen
Interior Designer
Sara is friendly and easygoing, and is particularly good at helping small spaces feel open and organized.
Seriously Happy Homes
Interior Designer
Rebecca West not only has impeccable taste that will prevent you from making expensive errors in design and decor, but she is very easy to work with. She did the design for our basement remodel, from drawing to picking out furniture, and everything about it was easy. She's also helped me reupholster furniture and delights in small jobs like that. Highly recommend.



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