The best nail polishes of 2023

Emily Midgley - O.P.I is my go to brand! I am a sucker for the punny names! I usually do two coats and it lasts a few weeks.
Laura Wilkinson - I used to be a nail technician and only purchased O.P.I. polishes. These are the best of the best and they really last a really long time. They are a nice DIY investment or to choose when at your local nail salon.
Test Out - O.P.I. is the only nail polish I use at home. Drys really fast and huge options of colors.
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Kira Carney - My cousin bought me a whole starter kit and I absolutely love the colors!
Brooklyn Benjestorf - I picked up Olive & June's manicure kit last summer after I got a targeted ad (they know me so well it's freaky) and I absolutely love them. The polish is great and high quality, but it's their top coat and manicure accessories that I'm obsessed with. The polish remover pot and bottle handle (Pop...
Tori Dixon - Great cruelty-free company with nail polishes that last what seems like a lifetime.
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Karline Nogales - The perfect nail polish when you are in a hurry. It dries quickly and lasts 1 week or so. These are my favorite colors.
Kali Thompson - this is the only type of nail polish i will ever buy, its super quick to dry and they have a variety of colors!
Patricia Burnett - Love the colors!
Alicia Iizuka - The perfect shade of green!
Cindy Hawkins - My hubby gave me this for Christmas and it is amazing! It has all the accessories for a beautiful mani/pedi and includes 16 nail polishes and a built-in nail dryer!
Test Out - Love this because it helps dry my nails a lot faster and you can use it as a storage.
Melissa Gallagher - I love Candy Paints for their beautiful range of 10-free nail polishes. Her colors are gorgeous and they apply like buttah! If you're looking for non-toxic eco-friendly nail care, this is a great place to start. My favorite product in the line might be the Erase That Soy-based nail polish remover...
Naomi Whitaker - Almost no smell, fast and cheap!
Joyce Ling - This is an awesome base and top coat! I use it with all my polishes and it makes every polish shine! It evens out uneven polish application if you're like me and have shaky hands. It also keeps your nails from going yellow when wearing polish for a while.
Sara Marie - I like to do my own nails (pandemic hobby I picked up) and am obsessed with this gel nail builder base. It is so much easier to use than the powders. I just glue on my tips and then add the builder base.

If you have always wanted to attempt to do your own nails, this is the easiest method. The t...
Julie Joyce - I recently started using the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish and I am very happy with it. It lasts longer then regular polish and there is a good variety of colors to choose from. Although it is gel, there is no light needed.
Sara Marie - This is great if you like to change your nail colors a lot! Just paint on before you put your color on. Creates a a base that peels off easier when you go to switch nail colors without harming your nail base. Very impressive!
Emily Midgley - This is my go to nail polish color!
Soledad Gonzalez - Great nail wraps! Super easy to apply and last easily for 2 weeks with a good top shine clear coat. Perfect mani in 30 minutes!
Clau C - I love how durable this nail polish is. It dries fast and have a lot of fun colors.
Liz Huerta - Lights lacquer sells my favorite nail polish. I love the color selection they have and the oval brush they come with. I cant really judge them for how long they last because I have oily nails naturally so nail polish doesn't stay on ling for me. But I still like them and their instagram is very a...
Elissa Tompkins - I really like the OPI GelColor polish! great range of colors and very quality polish!
Molly Pearcy - I love a gel manicure! They look great and last for a long time. Getting them off however has always proven to be difficult. I tried using the Opi Gel Removal Kit and was thrilled with the results. The prepared wraps simply need to have the acetone applied and then you tightly wrap the foil aroun...
Kaylee Emerson - Perfect if you are biting your nails!
Sandra J - I discovered this through a friend years ago - she is all about vegan, non-toxic everything. I instantly fell in love. My go to shade is L01 - and I always get someone at salon asking me 'what color i'm wearing.' They last me 5-7 days depending how harsh i am on my hands =) it is the perfect shad...
Raquel Stambaugh - Great top coat to strengthen your natural nails. Definitely recommend for bar tenders, servers and nurses!

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