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over 3 years ago
This office recently moved up by Northgate to a bigger location. Still the same staff, and really knowledgeable.
about 4 years ago
Been going there for years for glasses and they have a terrific selection in their optical department. More importantly they are super friendly and know how to work with kids. The wait hasn't been long and they have a direct tie to your vision plans in their computers so you can tell what your benefits are right away. This is a big deal if you have a vision plan.

The quality of their glasses is great. It is expensive, but they do spend the time with you to fit the glasses and make them look great. Also given the wear and tear we've had on them, they are always willing to figure out how to repair something. They've honored the warranty for various eyewear that has broken, found screws that were missing and are always willing to adjust things. Really super service. Keep it up!

About Roosevelt Vision


Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm
Saturday: 7am - 12:30pm

Optical Hours
Monday - Friday 8am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 8am - 12:30pm

Emergency After Hours
(206) 527-2987


  • Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Dry Eye
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Refractive Surgery / Lasik
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Diabetes
  • Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Children's Vision
  • After Hour Eye Concerns
  • Frames / Lenses
  • Contact Lens Recycling