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10 Best Seattle Eye Doctors

  • 4254 Fremont Ave N, Seattle • Fremont
    Tom Laramee - This shop has a large number of very rad frames and their staff is super friendly. They'll patiently work with, suggesting as many frames as it takes, until you find something that you love.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - Everyone here is awesome and they have a large selection of frames
    Jen Hope - Love the selection of frames! They are so unique. The vibe in the store is really fun and I found the perfect pair of frames to fit my face and style.
    recommended by Ben Shorr, Abbe Tolzmann, Laura F
  • 1121 1st Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Yaprak DeCarmine - I've had some discomfort with my eyes for the past 6 months and found Eyes On You from the recommendations here on Fresh Chalk. And I'm so happy I did because Dr. Lin was amazing! She ran so many tests and by the end of my 40 minute appointment, we figured out exactly why. Can't recommend the team at Eyes On You enough.
    Ben Gilbert - She is the best eye doctor in Seattle - hands down.
    Piragash - Dr. Lawson and Dr. Locke are 100% customer obsessed. They always go above and beyond and make things easier on me.
  • 20 Boston St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Maria Hess - Dr Eric Bergstrom is great. I have a kid who wears strong prescription glasses, so we go often. They've been a fantastic source of care and training (for contacts).
    Amy Boes - Love! Great place
    Beth MacLean - Wonderful neighborhood clinic with personalized service and expertise!
  • Washington Dental Service, 9706 4th Ave NE 100, Seattle • Ravenna
    Rich Tong - Been going there for years for glasses and they have a terrific selection in their optical department. More importantly they are super friendly and know how to work with kids. The wait hasn't been long and they have a direct tie to your vision plans in their computers so you can tell what your benefits are right away. This is a big deal if you have a vision plan.

    The quality of their glasses is great. It is expensive, but they do spend the time with you to fit the glasses and make them look great. Also given the wear and tear we've had on them, they are always willing to figure out how to repair something. They've honored the warranty for various eyewear that has broken, found screws that were missing and are always willing to adjust things. Really super service. Keep it up!
    Mary Haggard - This office recently moved up by Northgate to a bigger location. Still the same staff, and really knowledgeable.
  • 740 Denny Way, Seattle • South Lake Union
    Sara Eizen - Dr. Jeff Woerner is great - super friendly!
    Augustina Liu - The front desk person there was pretty helpful. She helped me to check my insurance coverage for the contact and verify my prescription from another doctor. She communicated very effectively and responded in a short amount of time.
    Alicia Nakamoto - Dr. Jeff Woerner is amazing and the frames are cutting edge and fun. Service is top notch.
  • 342 15th Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Kari O'Driscoll - Love being able to book online and they're so great about adjusting my glasses and helping choose frames anytime I need it.
    Shannon Gould - Dr. Llewellyn was fabulous! Such a kind, calm demeanor. I liked that I didn't have to have my eyes dilated and he seemed to really care about making sure I could see well and knew what to expect with my new contacts. Highly recommend.
    recommended by Adam Loving, Steve Dossick
  • 1101 Madison St, Seattle • First Hill
    Liz Pearce - They've been great at treatment for both me and my daughter. There's an in-house optical shop for glasses and contacts and they turn around orders quickly.
    Lila Pearce - Got my contacts and glasses done really quickly.
    Ido Ohad - For over 5 years I used to have a bad dry eye condition, waking up in the middle of the night.
    Within 2 month, Dr. Habibi brought my eyes back to normal trying new things every time. I highly recommend.
    recommended by Megan Moore
  • 7423 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle • Phinney Ridge
    Adam Doppelt - They make you do the paperwork for VSP, which is annoying. A family business. A bit old fashioned, but great service.
    Brian Glaister - This is a married couple who runs this practice. They are fun to chat with and my eyes are actually getting better everytime I go there. They also work to figure out what my insurance covers and let's me know out of pocket costs up front.
    Jason Carlson - Absolutely wonderful husband and wife run, local eye care shop. They have a small but nice collection of frames and do full eye exams. They are great at helping you find a frame style that suits you and the give a thorough eye exam.
  • 701 5th Ave 315, Seattle • Downtown
    Stephen Nash - Dr. Hua has provided excellent care for me over the past ten years.
    Amy Bates - Great eye care with a wonderful selection of frames
  • 4323 University Way NE, Seattle • University District
    Augustina Liu - They are great! I got my first pair of glasses from them but it turns out the focal point doesn't align with my eyes, so I felt very dizzy. I went back and asked for help. They figured out the problems in about 10 mins and ordered another pair of glasses for me to fix it up for free. The result was pretty good! I like the new pair of glasses.
    Carl Haynes - Needed some emergency glasses for my son after he lost his. Davis Optical came through and we got them in an hour.

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