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Steven A. Chayer
9 months ago • Greenwood
Power and light installation
Hello Fresh Chalk Community, I am looking for an electrician to quote the installation of power and lights into an old commercial building in Magnolia. Any recommendations?
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8 months ago
Am I allowed to recommend myself?
  • 9 months ago
Hi Steve . Zack is great electrician. here is his info
Zach Euse ,
Exact Electric
O. 206.434.6915
C. 206.552.6939
Electrician - Greenwood
  • 9 months ago
I had good luck with Wirecraft Electric - not sure if they do commercial, but worth a shot.
  • 9 months ago
Thank you, Liz. I did connect with Ed Havacek, owner of Benchmark Home Services and am awaiting an estimate from him. So far he's been excellent to deal with.
  • 8 months ago
I second @Wire_Craft !!!!
  • 8 months ago
Sun path electric does regular electric during the winter months. It is my company and Fresh Chalk did a feature on us.
Solar - West Seattle
  • 8 months ago
Hey gang, an update. Benchmark Seattle is going to get the contract for our new American Dance Institute dance studio in Magnolia once the lease is signed. Ed Lavacek, the owner, was very prompt and personable for the walkthrough, and his bid came in on time.

I also called Exact Electric for a bid, met Zack Euse on-site for the walkthrough and though I texted and emailed him a few times for the bid, he never followed through nor gave me the courtesy of a response.

I'll follow up with a final review of Benchmark Seattle when they finish up.
  • 8 months ago

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