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Tori Dixon
22 days ago • Seattle

What are your "can't live without it" items?

Open Forum Question: What item or thing have you purchased in the past that you now can't live without or has become a serious staple in your life?

For example, mine is my bidet and air fryer. I simply refuse to live on this planet without them. What are your can't-live-without-it or staple items?

(household, toiletries, games, cookware, clothing, entertainment, etc.)
8 replies
21 days ago
Birkenstock Sandals. Best support for your feet!
22 days ago
I purchased a Brussels Sprouts corer .... Not sure how I was surviving without it lolol
22 days ago
Burt's Bees Pomegranate Chapstick (would be miserable in dry Colorado without it)!
22 days ago
Pretty basic but my Keurig. Gotta have my coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot water.....! :)
22 days ago
I got this handmade pour over for making that single serve cup of coffee that I need to get me through the afternoon. If I make a pot, I'll drink a pot, so this keeps me caffeinated, but not jittery.
I love supporting an artist in the process, knowing my cup is one of a kind.
22 days ago
I love my Thermapen! I use it when cooking fish and meat, and when baking bread. It helps me cook things to just the right temp so they come out better. Yes, it's pricey, around $100. But it's worth it if you are a serious cook. Thermoworks has some less pricey options too.
21 days ago
Detachable shower head. We are not brand loyal about it, but it's gotta have a high pressure/massage setting for basically pressure washing the grime off both myself and the tub.
21 days ago
I’ve looked all over for the combined bidet air fryer but with no luck. I am both intrigued and anxious. I mean no one like cold water bidets, but the term ‘fryer’ scares me! Could you clarify please?
21 days ago

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