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10 Best Seattle Accountants

  • 300 Pine St, Seattle
    Adam Tratt - Howard Choder (Taxman) is a former IRS Agent who is a fantastic accountant whether you're facing an audit or just getting your taxes done. Highly recommended.
    Steve Dossick - I’d recommend Howard Choder aka The Tax Man...former IRS agent based on Capitol with many startup founders on their specific issues.
    Tonya Peck - We've appreciated Howard Choder's guidance, counsel, and all things taxes for 16+ years!
    recommended by Sam Herring, Perry Atkins
  • 7900 SE 28th St 242, Mercer Island
    Zareen Maurer - Steven helps us with all of our business and personal accounting needs. He’s very responsive and knowledgeable.
    Charlie Hall - I have worked with Steven for a number of years. He handles my taxes and I send him clients often knowing they will be well taken care of.
    Gretchen Frederick - Steven is great at what he does and is very personable as well! Makes doing your taxes fun!
  • 11100 NE 8th St 400, Bellevue
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - i use them for my biz and personal - they are very professional and knowledgeable
    Rand Fishkin - Excellent firm -- we're using Kaylene and Kim, who have been very supportive and helpful, even going so far as to audit our prior year's taxes and finding a big savings gap our previous tax folks had missed!
    Jennifer Kruchoski - I have worked with this firm for years. They are the best and so easy to work with. Kaylene and Kim are a joy to work with and they always have the best interest for our mutual clients. They are so responsive, reliable and really know the industry. I love working with them and fully trust them.
  • 234 10th Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Sara Eizen - I've been using Your Man Friday as my accountant, and now payroll company, for 12 years.
    Javier Soto - I have worked with them on and off for many years. Trustworthy and impeccable service. Highly recommended for SMBs.
    recommended by Kevin Trombold
  • 13020 NE 73rd St, Kirkland
    Arry Yu - Practical. All taxes - personal, joint, startup, business, cryptocurrencies, this woman has done it. And she's very very reasonable.
    Dae Yu - She's great. Been working with her for years. Really knows her stuff and will keep you in compliance. Highly recommend her.
  • 115 NE 100th St 350, Seattle • Maple Leaf
    Erin McDonald - I've been meeting with Justin for about 8 years. I always dread taxes and he settles my nerves and checks my numbers. Very informational and helpful when I need it. Also typically quick to respond to any easy questions over email I have.
    Amy Barker - Stephanie Garrett is AMAZE
  • 19516 3rd Ave NW, Shoreline
    Rand Fishkin - We've used Jennifer from On Pointe for SparkToro, and she's been absolutely amazing. Timely, thoughtful, detail-oriented, great at email... Everything we could want in an accountant.
    Kim Tennican - We work with Jennifer and Moriah at On Pointe Partners on a number of mutual clients. They are amazingly responsive, proactive and organized. I know their clients are in good hands, and they are always great to work with.
    Kaylene Bresnahan - I've worked with Jennifer, Moriah, Lindsey and Chelsea on a variety of clients over the past 5 years. They're great to work with - quick to respond, knowledgeable of the industry and an awesome resource for growing businesses.
  • 140 Lakeside Ave Suite A 124, Seattle • Leschi
    Josh Barnard - Madeleine has been doing our taxes for a few years. She's very thorough, very friendly, and very prompt with answers to questions, even outside of tax season.
    Libby - They are an awesome family business. Smart & great customer service.
  • 2120 N 45th St, Seattle
    Siri Angeles - Ask for Paul!
    Lindsey Mueller - Super knowledgeable and organized accounting firm. As a small business owner, I couldn't be more confident in my choice to work with them.
  • 755 Winslow Way E 701, Bainbridge Island
    Matt Shobe - Carrie Williams at JWL is excellent. She sweats the details, keeps us organized year-over-year, and helps with future planning, working closely with my own financial planner to make sure the tax side is in order. Weird partnerships/startup investments/etc. don't faze her. She has seemingly inexhaustible patience for last-minute updates. Highly recommended.
    Edward Yim - Carrie is great. Handles both business and personal returns that are multi-state and complex. I recommend her highly.
    recommended by Brian Geihsler

Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right accountant? Ask your friends.
Kirby Winfield
about 1 month ago • University District
hi! a friend needs advice on implications of 83(b) election and other private stock items. anyone got a good tax person who "gets" startups?
4 replies
26 days ago
Steve Dossick I’d recommend Howard Choder aka The Tax Man...former IRS agent based on Capitol with many startup founders on their specific issues.
Sarah Imbach Pepper Austin Andersen Tax
Erin McDonald Justin Bourn!!
Sue Bae
12 months ago • Wedgwood
Hello - would love any recommendations for a fantastic accountant you love, preferably north of downtown Seattle. Affordable is a plus.
3 replies
12 months ago
Dae Yu you're literally the second person who has asked this week! Look up Charlene Fleming here in Fresh Chalk. She's in Kirkland. We've (Arry + Dae) been working with her for years.
Josh Barnard We use Alkire Bell ( and have been very happy with Madeleine. They are in Leschi, though.
Sue Bae Thank you!
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