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Best Seattle Finance Pros

  • Rand Fishkin - Solid bank. Good customer service, low costs, fair, and much less evil than the big boys.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - I've banked with BECU while living in 12 countries and 4 states. Never had a problem they couldn't resolve immediately. Their app is extremely helpful!
    Laura - Great banking services for a small business. They pretty much are a no-fee bank.
  • 751 N 75th St, Seattle
    Steve Dossick - We used Jamie for basic wills and estate planning when our babies arrived...super easy to work with and very thorough.
    Darlin Gray - Jamie at Phinney Ridge Estate Law is thoughtful and smart and really good at what she does!
  • 300 Pine St, Seattle
    Adam Tratt - Howard Choder (Taxman) is a former IRS Agent who is a fantastic accountant whether you're facing an audit or just getting your taxes done. Highly recommended.
    Steve Dossick - I’d recommend Howard Choder aka The Tax Man...former IRS agent based on Capitol with many startup founders on their specific issues.
    Tonya Peck - We've appreciated Howard Choder's guidance, counsel, and all things taxes for 16+ years!
    recommended by Sam Herring, Perry Atkins
  • 4. Chase
    Ben Shorr - I would love to not use Chase - but their website is great (now); mortgage, direct deposit and bills are tied to an account that I've had since they were Washington Mutual. Remember that?
    Amy Barker - Madison Park! Frank the manager is great!
    Kyle Shurtleff - I've used many local and national banks in the last 2 years, Chase has what I'd consider the best tech (web + mobile) if that is your primary way of interacting with your bank.
  • 1200 Westlake Ave N 900, Seattle
    Detlef Schrempf - Long term partner for families and individuals, helping to find and define passions and goals in order to live the life envisioned
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: Takes clients with net worth of $2 Million plus. Great customer service and repuatation. 1% Fee. Financial planning, CP Contact: Kurt Biedermna
    Jeff Dossett - I have worked with the team at Coldstream Wealth Management since 1997. I highly recommend Coldstream. They are my highly trusted advisors and financial management partners.
    recommended by Hilary Massee Clark
  • 9 Lake Bellevue Dr 100, Bellevue
    Omar Shahine - We have used Jennie Muckelstone twice to dismiss moving violations on the east side. She charges a flat rate and takes care of all the paperwork and representation. Far cheaper than having a 5 year insurance increase.
    Adam MacBeth - Simple, affordable, gets the job done.
    Erika Yelle - We were referred to her when our teen son got a ticket - flat rate, easy and fast! Well worth not having a hike insurance rates for a teenage driver! Passed her name on to one of my son's buddies recently.
  • Sherri Monte - As an Interior Designer at Elegant Simplicity, I could not recommend a better credit union.

    Since 2009 they have taken great care of us + handled all of our questions with the utmost professionalism.
    Brian Glaister - Verity is within walking distance of my house, is dog friendly, and doesnt have any fees or minimums. Hard to beat
    Kari O'Driscoll - Love this credit union that gives back to the community. I have business accounts there and they've always been helpful and accessible.
    recommended by George Reilly
  • Kristen Cole - Marie is amazing! She patiently documented every single process in our business. Not only did she help us get all those details out of our heads, but she also caught many inconsistencies and bottle necks in our processes. Our catering business runs smoothly thanks to Marie's organizational eye for detail.
    erin keam - I was trying to work out what category to add Marie to - basically, she took all the business info rattling around in my head and showed me how to document it so I can train, run, manage, protect and eventually sell my business.
    recommended by Maureen O'Shaughnessy
  • 9. USAA
    Jennifer Haller - USAA wins hands-down on customer service!
    David - Superior service, sophisticated online tools. Non of the bullshit associated with traditional banks.
    Petra Harvey - Full portfolio of products that I enjoy including Checking, Savings, Insurance and Investment. Special attention to military families and their needs including remote banking and comprehensive App.
    recommended by Dave Laird
  • 7900 SE 28th St 242, Mercer Island
    Zareen Maurer - Steven helps us with all of our business and personal accounting needs. He’s very responsive and knowledgeable.
    Charlie Hall - I have worked with Steven for a number of years. He handles my taxes and I send him clients often knowing they will be well taken care of.
    Gretchen Frederick - Steven is great at what he does and is very personable as well! Makes doing your taxes fun!


Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right finance pro? Ask your friends.
Matt Gamboa
5 days ago • Bellevue
There aren't very many recommendations in Bellevue but I'm searching for a financial advisor to start working with for comprehensive planning. Any ...
13 replies
3 days ago
Sondra Firestein Second vote for Alterra Advisors. Josh Whelan, one of the co-founders has been our advisor for the last few years. The level of service he and his team offers is amazing.
Aren Kaser Chelea Lawrence at Wells Fargo is probably the best. Downtown Seattle.
Sima Kahn Agree with Sondra about Josh Whelan at Alterra Advisors!
Tom Laramee
9 days ago • Fremont
I'm curious what the people think about the following subject: is it recommended, possible, and wise to have earthquake insurance added to a homeow...
5 replies
7 days ago
Omar Shahine We use Chubb (had ACE before that but Chubb purchased them). Insurance companies like Chubb don't sell direct to consumer, we did ours through Marsh ( Chubb is is different than your normal insurance as it's a high deductible policy but what you get in return is excellent coverage and a single policy that covers everything. Chub insures:

Home (inc Earthquake and Flood)
Home Valuables (doesn't count toward deductible if itemized)
Auto (includes free glass break coverage which is honestly the only insurance we've used in 9 years)
Umbrella Liability

Been a customer for 10 years and rates are consistent and service is 5 star.

When I was with Allstate our rate changes were wild. No sense to why and how they adjusted.
Omar Shahine For water shutoff off we use LeakSmart.
Adam Doppelt Hey, I've been down this road too. A few years ago I ducked into Magnolia Insurance Agency on a whim. Old school. Coincidentally, this is the closest physical business to my house. For some reason I barely noticed this place before glancing up at the sign one day. They were super nice and very competent. They switched all of our auto & home insurance to cheaper Safeco plans. Earthquake coverage is provided by Arrowhead for a few hundred bucks a year, I think. Also recommend Umbrella insurance if you don't have that yet. Similar to Omar, I was with Allstate for years but I'll never look back.
Kirby Winfield
23 days ago • University District
hi! a friend needs advice on implications of 83(b) election and other private stock items. anyone got a good tax person who "gets" startups?
4 replies
19 days ago
Steve Dossick I’d recommend Howard Choder aka The Tax Man...former IRS agent based on Capitol with many startup founders on their specific issues.
Sarah Imbach Pepper Austin Andersen Tax
Erin McDonald Justin Bourn!!
Amy Pennington
4 months ago • Queen Anne
HI! Does anyone know of anyone that is experienced with litigation regarding mold? Looking for consultation and potential representation wherein a ...
9 replies
4 months ago
Liz Pearce One more... an attorney friend recommended Sim Osborn from Osborn Machler (also involved in the Seattle Children's case).
Amy Pennington Thanks, Liz
Detlef Schrempf Amy - Sim has been very successful but takes on some big settlement cases. Not sure how big your claim is
Amy Woidtke
5 months ago • Northgate
A friend needs to file for SSI. She needs a lot of help with the process, including filing.
2 replies
5 months ago
Liz Pearce Hi @amy_woidtke! I know @Vanessa and her team at Banister Advisors help clients with this. They offer healthcare navigation services, one of which is "Collaborative support in researching healthcare coverage options including private pay, Medicare, and other government programs such as Social Security and Veterans Benefits." One of their partners is also an attorney. I think they're be a good place to start, and could likely refer you out if not a good fit.
Holli Margell I just reached out to a business attorney in my network for his recommendation. Gustad Law if you'd like another resource: