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Best Seattle Finance Pros

  • Rand Fishkin - Solid bank. Good customer service, low costs, fair, and much less evil than the big boys.
    Laura - Great banking services for a small business. They pretty much are a no-fee bank.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - I've banked with BECU while living in 12 countries and 4 states. Never had a problem they couldn't resolve immediately. Their app is extremely helpful!
  • Steve Dossick - We used Jamie for basic wills and estate planning when our babies arrived...super easy to work with and very thorough.
    Darlin Gray - Jamie at Phinney Ridge Estate Law is thoughtful and smart and really good at what she does!
  • 3. Chase
    Ben Shorr - I would love to not use Chase - but their website is great (now); mortgage, direct deposit and bills are tied to an account that I've had since they were Washington Mutual. Remember that?
    Amy Barker - Madison Park! Frank the manager is great!
    Kyle Shurtleff - I've used many local and national banks in the last 2 years, Chase has what I'd consider the best tech (web + mobile) if that is your primary way of interacting with your bank.
  • Sherri Monte - As an Interior Designer at Elegant Simplicity, I could not recommend a better credit union.

    Since 2009 they have taken great care of us + handled all of our questions with the utmost professionalism.
    Brian Glaister - Verity is within walking distance of my house, is dog friendly, and doesnt have any fees or minimums. Hard to beat
    Kari O'Driscoll - Love this credit union that gives back to the community. I have business accounts there and they've always been helpful and accessible.
    recommended by George Reilly
  • 300 Pine St, Seattle
    Adam Tratt - Howard Choder (Taxman) is a former IRS Agent who is a fantastic accountant whether you're facing an audit or just getting your taxes done. Highly recommended.
    Tonya Peck - We've appreciated Howard Choder's guidance, counsel, and all things taxes for 16+ years!
    Perry Atkins - Not your usual accountant. Way more personality
    recommended by Sam Herring
  • 6. USAA
    Jennifer Haller - USAA wins hands-down on customer service!
    David - Superior service, sophisticated online tools. Non of the bullshit associated with traditional banks.
    Petra Harvey - Full portfolio of products that I enjoy including Checking, Savings, Insurance and Investment. Special attention to military families and their needs including remote banking and comprehensive App.
    recommended by Dave Laird
  • 7900 SE 28th St 242, Mercer Island
    Zareen Maurer - Steven helps us with all of our business and personal accounting needs. He’s very responsive and knowledgeable.
    Charlie Hall - I have worked with Steven for a number of years. He handles my taxes and I send him clients often knowing they will be well taken care of.
    Jaxson Maurer - Steven is super responsive and reasonably priced. He has been patient with my questions and great at guiding me through complicated situations.
  • Patrick O'Donnell - They cover all ATM fees, built in connection to brokerage account. Nice bill payer
    Kyle Shurtleff - Great "online first" bank + investment firm.
    recommended by Ben Shorr
  • 11100 NE 8th St 400, Bellevue
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - i use them for my biz and personal - they are very professional and knowledgeable
    Rand Fishkin - Excellent firm -- we're using Kaylene and Kim, who have been very supportive and helpful, even going so far as to audit our prior year's taxes and finding a big savings gap our previous tax folks had missed!
    Jennifer Kruchoski - I have worked with this firm for years. They are the best and so easy to work with. Kaylene and Kim are a joy to work with and they always have the best interest for our mutual clients. They are so responsive, reliable and really know the industry. I love working with them and fully trust them.
  • 234 10th Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Sara Eizen - I've been using Your Man Friday as my accountant, and now payroll company, for 12 years.
    Javier Soto - I have worked with them on and off for many years. Trustworthy and impeccable service. Highly recommended for SMBs.
    recommended by Kevin Trombold


Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right finance pro? Ask your friends.
Sarah Bird
6 months ago • Queen Anne
My parents have decided to redo their wills and also to make sure their assets are protected etc. Anyone have an experienced estate planning and a...
9 replies
5 months ago
Marston Gould Hey Sarah - I can't recommend Karr Tuttle enough. We had some really difficult things to plan through - including out of state parents nearing their 90s with property in 3 states, an irresponsible sibling, a family business and and a few kids in the family who likely were going to need some level of support as adults due to medical conditions. KT worked its way through all these issues in a straightforward, easy to understand way and created the documents for whatever scenario might occur.
Sarah Bird @Marston That sounds exhausting! whew! Glad you found someone to help your family make good sense of it all. <3
Detlef Schrempf Marston - complex issues require more expertise that goes way beyond a simple will. Hope you got it all worked out
Liz Pearce
6 months ago • Montlake
I promise, this was on my list long before the current crisis! But now that I have some extra time on my hands, I'd love to cross it off my list. W...
37 replies
24 days ago
Liz Pearce @bglais01 I haven't made a selection yet, but I have calls scheduled for this week. Will keep you posted!
Detlef Schrempf Laura Hoexter - again :)
Nathan Hoerschelmann I do this work as well. Hoerschelmann Dietz PLLC. Happy to be of help!
Sue Bae
8 months ago • Wedgwood
Hello - would love any recommendations for a fantastic accountant you love, preferably north of downtown Seattle. Affordable is a plus.
3 replies
8 months ago
Dae Yu you're literally the second person who has asked this week! Look up Charlene Fleming here in Fresh Chalk. She's in Kirkland. We've (Arry + Dae) been working with her for years.
Josh Barnard We use Alkire Bell ( and have been very happy with Madeleine. They are in Leschi, though.
Sue Bae Thank you!
H Hardin
8 months ago • Montlake
Afternoon! Looking for a estate planning attorney. Need to do some wills. 🦋
5 replies
8 months ago
Kelly Crimmins I recommend Julie Seaborn at Crowley Law Office: She is very responsive, customer oriented, and detailed. Wonderful experience with her! Tell her Kelly Crimmins sent you. :)
Josh Barnard We used Nancy Cahill at and had a good experience.
Darlin Gray Jamie at Phinney Ridge Estate Law is thoughtful and smart and really good at what she does!
Jana Kleitsch
11 months ago • Seattle
I'm in the market for a new financial advisor. What would be good questions to ask when interviewing a potential advisor?
11 replies
8 months ago
Jana Kleitsch FYI, I found this helpful podcast episode from NPR's life kit.
(in case anyone else is waffling about this too.)
Adam Doppelt I heard that podcast too. I'm definitely a fan of the Vanguard Retirement funds, which try to target the right level of risk depending on your age. So simple and the fees are tiny. Of course, a fund won't really help you clean up debt or structure the rest of your financial needs...
Detlef Schrempf I am always available to talk if you want to get a perspective on what is out there - vast array of people who call themselves financial advisers with different value prop (from insurance to planning to asset management, etc) with different fee structures.
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