Best Seattle Finance Pros

  • Rand Fishkin - Solid bank. Good customer service, low costs, fair, and much less evil than the big boys.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - I've banked with BECU while living in 12 countries and 4 states. Never had a problem they couldn't resolve immediately. Their app is extremely helpful!
    Laura - Great banking services for a small business. They pretty much are a no-fee bank.
  • 751 N 75th St, Seattle
    Steve Dossick - We used Jamie for basic wills and estate planning when our babies arrived...super easy to work with and very thorough.
    Darlin Gray - Jamie at Phinney Ridge Estate Law is thoughtful and smart and really good at what she does!
    Debra Willendorf - I recently used Phinney Estate Law. I found them reasonably priced and easy to work with. They are located in the East Greenlake area.
  • 300 Pine St, Seattle
    Steve Dossick - I’d recommend Howard Choder aka The Tax Man...former IRS agent based on Capitol with many startup founders on their specific issues.
    Adam Tratt - Howard Choder (Taxman) is a former IRS Agent who is a fantastic accountant whether you're facing an audit or just getting your taxes done. Highly recommended.
    Tonya Peck - We've appreciated Howard Choder's guidance, counsel, and all things taxes for 16+ years!
    recommended by Perry Atkins, Sam Herring
  • 4. Chase
    Ben Shorr - I would love to not use Chase - but their website is great (now); mortgage, direct deposit and bills are tied to an account that I've had since they were Washington Mutual. Remember that?
    Amy Barker - Madison Park! Frank the manager is great!
    Kyle Shurtleff - I've used many local and national banks in the last 2 years, Chase has what I'd consider the best tech (web + mobile) if that is your primary way of interacting with your bank.
  • 7900 SE 28th St 242, Mercer Island
    Jaxson Maurer - Steven is super responsive and reasonably priced. He has been patient with my questions and great at guiding me through complicated situations.
    Zareen Maurer - Steven helps us with all of our business and personal accounting needs. He’s very responsive and knowledgeable.
    Gretchen Frederick - Steven is great at what he does and is very personable as well! Makes doing your taxes fun!
  • 7116 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle
    Chris Manderino - I've used Kanoa for my legal estate planning both before and 10 years later after kid. He is a breeze to work with!
    Eva Monsen - Kanoa Ostrem is great. He set up our estate plan years ago and over the years helped make a couple of minor changes for free (name changes for beneficiaries/trustees).
    Jana Kleitsch - I used Kanoa Ostrem for my will. He made the process very straightforward and simple since he specializes in Estate Planning. I first tried using Legal Zoom and that was a disaster! Maybe it was fine, but since I didn't understand the implications of the questions I didn't feel very secure with what was generated. My visit to Kanoa took about an hour and viola, we have a will.
  • Susan Stocker - Homestreet Bank has been wonderful for us.
    Vanessa Laughlin - Julie Rideout is the manager of several north end Homestreet banks and she always goes above and beyond for her clients. She is a true gem, as is the rest of her teams.
  • 1200 Westlake Ave N 900, Seattle
    Detlef Schrempf - Long term partner for families and individuals, helping to find and define passions and goals in order to live the life envisioned
    Jeff Dossett - I have worked with the team at Coldstream Wealth Management since 1997. I highly recommend Coldstream. They are my highly trusted advisors and financial management partners.
    recommended by Hilary Massee Clark
  • 9 Lake Bellevue Dr 100, Bellevue
    Omar Shahine - We have used Jennie Muckelstone twice to dismiss moving violations on the east side. She charges a flat rate and takes care of all the paperwork and representation. Far cheaper than having a 5 year insurance increase.
    Adam MacBeth - Simple, affordable, gets the job done.
    Erika Yelle - We were referred to her when our teen son got a ticket - flat rate, easy and fast! Well worth not having a hike insurance rates for a teenage driver! Passed her name on to one of my son's buddies recently.
  • Daniel Robbins - good app
    good web site
    not enough locations
    Frédéric Dubut - Have been banking with First Tech ever since I moved to the US. Online banking is solid and I don't think I've ever paid a single dollar of fee in 10 years. But they really earned my loyalty by coming through, several times, when other institutions let me down - saving the mortgage of my first home when Wells Fargo bailed out on *the day of closing*, providing medallion signature guarantee when I needed it, etc.

    The only small thing I wish they'd improve is the savings rates - they are not quite competitive with the best high-yield savings accounts out there.
    Mukund Mohan - Great rates for savings and good app