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10 Best Seattle Contractors

  • 1709 139th Pl NE, Bellevue
    Tom Laramee - I hired Greg for two projects, both involved digging trenches and installed PVC drainage pipes to get water away from my house. His team is like a machine: they show up, work hard, and get it done.
    Carolyn Gracz - We'd been having water issues for years and they came, fixed the issue quickly, efficiently and affordably. Highly recommend. Work guaranteed.
    Peter Slinn - Installed interior French drain which solved water issues beautifully. Cost was reasonable, work was done timely and competently and work team was unusually attentive to cleanup. I can recommend without reservation.
  • 11155 120th Ave NE 200, Kirkland
    Omar Shahine - We hired Organized spaces to install two custom closets in our home. The process was very simple and easy and we are really happy with the results.
    Sherri Monte - Organized Spaces is a great closet solution. As interior designers, we typically recommend them to our clients for custom closets.
  • 2633 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • Eastlake
    Steve Dossick - Marquiss Construction did a great job on some smaller repair projects for our house. They are great to work with!
    Cassie Walker Johnson - Guy and his team have helped manage several project for us both personally as well as professionally with our Real Estate clients. Reliable, professional but most importantly the work is top notch.
  • 7353 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: Used Carlisle Classic Homes for blackout inserts for their bedroom and they liked them so much, they decided to outfit the rest of their home with acoustic grade clear inserts. Contact: Rob Carlisle (Alison)
    recommended by Ray
  • 3304 Beacon Ave S, Seattle • Beacon Hill
    Darrell - Great contracting company. Not the cheapest, but I think the best. Has done two remodels for us and such a high bar for quality.
    recommended by John Lamb, Steve Murch
  • 2320 42nd Ave E, Seattle • Madison Park
    Melanie Hodgman - they saved my house project from oblivion.
    Abby - Their work is superb, but even more important was how great they were to work with! Organized, on time, collaborative. I'd trust them with my own home over and over again.
    recommended by Annette Kraus
  • 608 SW 12th St, Renton
    Jennifer Haller - Ryan came for an estimate - I was blown away by his knowledge and interest in getting to the root of the problem rather than the major fixes that other waterproofing experts decided we needed. He saved us a ton of money by encouraging us to try some simple fixes first.
  • 805 Rainier Ave S, Seattle • Beacon Hill
    Omar Shahine - Puget Sound Solar installed our 4KW system in 2015. Since then they have performed a complementary checkup each year to ensure the system is operating well. They have been great about telling us when things need attention and otherwise we are super happy with our Solar system.
    Rob Franco - I selected another bid but Puget Sound solar impressed me as a well organized, highly professional team and I will definitely ask them to bid my next project.
  • 12121 Northup Way 201, Bellevue
    Tom Murphy - Full project management company, fixed fee/ fixed schedule. We worked with them on a complete kitchen remodel including dining room. Was done on time / on budget in 40 days. Great work!
  • 700 NW GILMAN BLVD STE E103B PMB 173, Issaquah
    Bill Carr - If you have a patio, walkway or driveway that has settled, call these guys.

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Michael Giambalvo
about 2 months ago • Greenlake
We're having a issue with rain soaking in through our siding, and could use an expert.
2 replies
about 1 month ago
Adam Doppelt I've had a number of leaks in this house, unfortunately. We face Elliott Bay and the wind driven rain loves to come right in. We rebuilt brick walls, put up gutters, added flashing, re-did the stucco, tuckpointed... it went on and on through many projects (and loads of $$$). I dread the sound of dripping.

I tried a few waterproofing experts but didn't get very far with them. Experienced contractors know how to properly protect a wall, but that doesn't mean they can trace a leak. It can be very difficult to determine the original source.

Ultimately we just rebuilt the parts of the house that were leaking, and we picked contractors who would stand by their work if things leaked again. I wish I had better news for you.

The other thing that works for us is caulking the trouble spots every year. That's a $200 job that might forestall a $10,000 leak.
Amy Woidtke Hi Michael-
I just spoke with my contractor Declan Noble of D Noble Construction about your siding issues. He is available and said to send you his way!

D Noble Construction

High attention to detail and expertise.

Best of luck to you! Let us know how it works out.
Melanie Hodgman
7 months ago • Central District
Looking for a company to install a drop ceiling/cloud ceiling for one of the conference rooms at my office on Capitol Hill. Anyone work with a comp...
1 reply
7 months ago
Liz Pearce Hi, Melanie! What type of ceiling is in the room today? Are you looking to make the acoustics better in the room or to solve some other problem?
Josh Barnard
8 months ago • Capitol Hill
I'm looking to get a basketball hoop put in; can anyone recommend someone good?
3 replies
8 months ago
Liz Pearce Hi, Josh! Quick question- do you have the hoop already or still need to purchase this? Are you looking for an in-ground hoop (vs. free standing or wall mounted?)
Josh Barnard I don't have the hoop yet and am looking for an in-ground most likely (I want to understand what that would cost/require vs. getting a free-standing one).
Liz Pearce Ok, we've checked around and the best option so far (in terms of responsiveness and availability) is Sport Court in Kirkland. Their most popular in ground option is the collegiate, with a 60" tempered glass backboard. It's $3500 to install (you have to purchase the hoop through them). They do have a showroom where you can check them out. I did purchase a free standing hoop for a couple hundred bucks and we built it ourselves but it was a pain. (This recommendation came from @Kristen's landscaper.)
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