10 Best Seattle Doulas

  • Seattle, WA
    Tom Laramee - I'm a huge fan of helping new families out upon the arrival of a newborn. This postpartumn outreach doula service makes a wonderful gift for new mothers. Whether it's light housework, maternal services references, someone to watch your baby while you take a long nap, or just someone to talk to, Seattle Day Doula is a welcome addition to the maternal services community here in Seattle.
    Trish Gallant - Wendy is a gift...no, a necessity for all new parents!
    Amanda London - Hell yes
  • 1417 NW 54th St 464, Seattle
    Erin McDonald - Emma's 90minute Massage+Reflexogy was the best!!! When you are 37 weeks preggo and constantly uncomfortable I truly felt relaxed and was basically speechless at the end. She books up way ahead of time so be sure to plan ahead and don't be afraid to join the waitlist and snag a cancelled appt.
    Vaneeta - Emma was such a calming presence during our birth experience and we felt she was really our advocate. I went into labor 2 months early and found myself in a panic as I lay on bedrest in the hospital for 8 days. I felt very unprepared for the birth as we had yet to take our birthing classes. Emma came to the hospital and spent about 2 hours with us, explaining the various scenarios we may have for our birth and put our minds completely at ease. I will never forget that! She also came to the hospital after our baby was born to do an in person and personal "caring for new born" specifically for our preemie. I would (and have) recommend her to first time parents.
  • Lila Pearce - Family friend, feminist
    recommended by Ali White MacBeth
  • Libby - AMAZING!
    recommended by Choong Ng
  • 2366 Eastlake Ave E 230, Seattle • Eastlake
    Brian Glaister - Jen and Alise are trained midwives who became doulas because they didn't want to limited to focusing on home or hospital births - they want to do it all. They are super experienced but more important they are fun and flexible and adjust to suit the individual needs of their clients. My wife and I are expecting in three months and have been incredibly grateful for their support thus far.
    Dave Laird - Jen and Alise make a great team. Each have been to large number of births.
  • 12319b 35th Ave NE, Seattle
    Wendy Quast - Suzzie is not only a wonderful labor and delivery doula, but she is one of the best in the area for birthing pool delivery. She brings everything you need to birth at home, a birthing center, or the hospital and sets it up. Once your little one has arrived, she comes and takes care of the breakdown. Since she is also both a mother and a birth doula, she has the most loving, calm nature during a time that is so vulnerable and beautiful.
  • Sara Eizen - Jennifer is THE BEST! You and your baby will be in the best care with Jennifer.

    Jennifer has the magic touch for working with both moms and babies. With Jennifer's years of experience there isn't any situation she can't handle and with truly no judgement and lots of loving care.
  • Sara Eizen - With Marcy as your postpartum doula you will be in the most loving and caring set of hands. Marcy has a calming presence that all mothers and babies need.
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Fresh Chalk talked to a group of doulas who are committed to helping expecting mothers in local underserved communities navigate our complicated healthcare system and have a great birth experience. Read more about these Seattle doulas making a difference.