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4 Best Seattle Landscape Designs

  • Mercer Island
    Sara Eizen - Leo is super passionate about eco-friendly, sustainable landscape design and great to work with.
    recommended by Leo Montagne
  • Amy Pennington - Michelle knows EVERYTHING about plants. Everything. She is a landscaper with an artistic touch - she is NOT going to plant some cheap, ugly shrubs that look terrible in two years. Reasonably priced and in demand - Gardening GaGa is the best.
  • Kari O'Driscoll - I hired Kat to install a cistern on my property and do some "RainWise" gardening. She showed up on time, didn't over-charge me, brought a female crew, cleaned up after themselves, and was knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. I'll be using her again for sure.
  • Scott Porad - Peter rebuilt a front path and stairs, and I recommend him highly. Let me put it this way: I enjoyed working with Peter so much, and thought he did such good work, that I was inspired to do another project, just so that I could have the opportunity to work with him again!

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Marston Gould
2 months ago • Seward Park
Hi folks. We are in the unenviable position of having to sue our neighbors for the damage done to our property for their unconstrained bamboo. I've...
10 replies
2 months ago
Adam Doppelt What's your estimate of the total damage? This sounds like a complete nightmare
Marston Gould @amd / $35-40k yet to go. Similar already spent. When we moved in we found ryzomes in the main pipe to sewer.
Adam Doppelt That is unbelievable. So frustrating. My guy can probably help with the patio if you know what you want, as long as it doesn't involve pouring concrete. Are you looking for patio design, or just rebuilding the same patio?
Laurel Buckner
5 months ago • Mount Baker
We have a great, bright, sunlit patio (over a two car garage) which has big trees on one side and is very private but open to a driveway and close ...
2 replies
5 months ago
Sara Eizen Definitely recommend Cindy Hazard with Trillium Designs
Laurel Buckner Thanks!
Anthony Bontrager
5 months ago • Sammamish
Looking for a landscape designer who does work in the Redmond/Sammamish area. Re-layout of front yard, plant suggestions, lighting, etc. Thanks
4 replies
5 months ago
Anthony Bontrager Thanks Kirb!
Liz Pearce @Jennifer gave Marnie White a strong recommendation - I believe she works exclusively on the east side.
Anthony Bontrager Thanks Liz!
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