8 Best Seattle Landscape Designs

  • Liz Pearce - I found Peter through recommendations from Kim Rachmeler and Amy Barker. He created and executed a plan for my front yard's landscaping, including redefining the hardscape/grass boundaries, picking a beautiful selection of plants and trees, and procuring/placing/planting them. He accommodated my budget by breaking the overall project into phases, so the work will continue into next year, but it looks great already!
    Kim Rachmeler - Peter Lavagnino is a sole proprietor master gardener/landscaper. He selected and planted all of my new landscaping. If you've ever been to the Lambda Legal Garden Party, Peter did the plants on those grounds as well.
    Jessica M Shapiro - Peter is fabulous! He has totally relandscaped our front and backyards. They are both small spaces, and he has transformed them. He does an incredible job of bringing together the right plants, colors, and scents. He's got quite a design eye. He's also a complete pleasure to work with and has great ideas.
    recommended by Amy Barker
  • Kari O'Driscoll - I hired Kat to install a cistern on my property and do some "RainWise" gardening. She showed up on time, didn't over-charge me, brought a female crew, cleaned up after themselves, and was knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. I'll be using her again for sure.
  • Amy Pennington - Michelle knows EVERYTHING about plants. Everything. She is a landscaper with an artistic touch - she is NOT going to plant some cheap, ugly shrubs that look terrible in two years. Reasonably priced and in demand - Gardening GaGa is the best.
  • Scott Porad - Peter rebuilt a front path and stairs, and I recommend him highly. Let me put it this way: I enjoyed working with Peter so much, and thought he did such good work, that I was inspired to do another project, just so that I could have the opportunity to work with him again!
  • Alicia Goodwin - Brian designed and installed our new front yard which had been destroyed when we remodeled our house. He found really cool pavers and plants that are easy to care for.. he has great ideas and attention to detail. The image associated with the business on fresh chalk is our front yard
  • Seattle • Wedgwood
    recommended by Matthew Brodsky
  • 6420 Fox Run Dr., Midlothian
  • 1127 NE 160th Ave