3 Best Seattle Meal Prep Kits

  • 621 Union St, Seattle • Downtown
    Amy Posner Wolff - My friend Stephanie recently told me about her new business, Kitchen and Market, restaurant-quality meal kits delivered to your home. I can't wait to try the mostly organic, family-sized meals. Check it out!
    Karina Kunins - My new favorite for gourmet meal kits. They are delicious and super-duper easy to put together. They are restaurant quality. And, if you’re in Seattle area, they deliver!!
    Sue Borgman - The easiest and tastiest solution to ‘what’s for dinner’ out there. Great for dinner with the family and the meal kits never fail to impress dinner party guests. Has to be tried.
  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
    Kristen Cole - No one is more passionate and positive about providing fresh, local produce than Stu!! He beams when he gets something particularly unique and tasty to share with his clients.
    Cheryl Brenner - When you meet and speak to Stu, you understand quickly how passionate he is about his product. We look forward to our weekly produce delivery along with the weekly sneak peek email detailing what we’ll receive. One of the best parts of this business is that produce is delivered right to your front door, which saves a lot of time. We’ve found this especially helpful during the pandemic. You won’t be disappointed.
    DeNena Hart - I have been receiving fruit delivery for months. The fruit has always been high quality. I LOVE the convenience of delivery and each week we get an email with what’s in the new delivery. Sometimes there is exotic fruit which I love as a mother of two children. The owner Stu is amazing! Highly recommended.
    recommended by Eric Mansell, Selma Mansell

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