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  • 1818 E Mercer St 200, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Liz Pearce - Very happy with the care my daughter has gotten. She's had invisilign and even feels comfortable going in for her check-ups on her own.
    Lila - I got my Invisalign here and I can go in my own no adult required.
    Casey O'Donnell - They have really good service i like there atmosphere, and my familys been with them for over 5 years and trust them!
  • 7900 East Green Lake Dr N, Seattle • Greenlake
    Tom Laramee - Dr Cassidy is great. We've been working with her on a plan that's in line with my parenting/healthcare philosophy (no surgery/highly invasive procedures unless absolutely necessary) and she's flexible, knowledgeable, and clearly looking out for the long-term health of my daughter.
    Kate Leroux - We've been pretty happy with Green Lake Orthodontist (GLO). Our daughter's need for braces is somewhat optional and they haven't been pushing them. Also had an expander from them earlier which went well. They have a fun gameified reward program which kids like.
    Todd Edebohls - Great with kids, super cheerful. Helped us understand what was going on with our son's treatment. They’re always on time for appointments.
    recommended by Michael Mattmiller
  • 509 Olive Way 840, Seattle
    Omar Shahine - Our daughter had some very complicated issues with her teeth and she was very anxious about this all. Dr. Bockow is simply amazing and worked with our daughter over 2 years to handle the entire situation end to end.
    Lora Shahine - Rebecca Brockow is incredible - my daughter had more complicated teeth than most but Dr. Brockow walked us through the process, answered all our questions in a professional and kind manner.
  • 7556 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Carl Haynes - Daughter just got her braces on. Nelson was recommended by her dentist. Extremely friendly staff and works to make braces as painless as possible.
    Mark Swardstrom - Both our kids went here - very professional, great results.
  • 945 Elliott Ave W, Seattle • Interbay
    recommended by Bill Carr
  • 11050 5th Ave NE, Seattle • Pinehurst
    Adam Doppelt - Our dentist said he was the best ortho in Seattle and our daughter has a complicated set of teeth. After interviewing a handful of orthodontists, my wife picked him because of his calm and patient bedside manner. We didn't feel rushed. Together with the recommendation from our dentist, he's clearly a great choice.
  • 4915 25th Ave NE, Seattle • University District
    Jessica M Shapiro - Dr. Jones at Northcut Orthodontics is great. He's super experienced and very well trained. He's been practicing for year and has seen and fixed everything. He's also stayed totally up-to-date on new treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Jones.
  • 5415 Rainier Ave S, Seattle • Columbia City
    Flora Ku - Currently getting my orthodontic treatment from RVO. I'm recommending them as I like Dr. Schruth only 2 of the dental assistants there. However, I'm not super happy with the time it's taking to complete my treatment, which is already going to be 8+ months overdue.
  • 6850 35th Ave NE, Seattle • Wedgwood
    Ben Shorr - We're in it. 11 year old - full braces. Dr. Tori Matthys has been great so far. Calm approach and accessible. Has been able to fit in my daughter early morning before school.
  • 4915 25th Ave NE 203, Seattle • University District
    Jessica M Shapiro - Dr. Winkler is a GREAT orthodontist. Well trained and experienced. He's as smart as they get, and all three of my kids have been/are being treated by him. I trust him completely. He's also a great person.

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