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  • 220 2nd Ave S, Seattle • Pioneer Square
    Laura Butler - Little Furry Things has been my cat-sitter for over a decade. I love the photos and blog posts. Every single person has been an animal lover and they do way more than the minimum. I have trusted them with the lives of my pets and they have delivered, even managing to Ocean's 11 break into my condo (with my permission!) when access failed and I was overseas.
    Danna Redmond - Easy to schedule with their online app. Each sitter sends pictures of our cat and a little note about each visit. Once you are on their mailing list they email you to remind you to book for the busy holiday seasons, etc.
    Amy Bates - Boutique, dedicated pet care that's locally owned. My cats say Meow! Meow!
  • Laura - Saved my butt so many times!
  • recommended by Matthew
  • Maria D'Angelo - She's pretty legit. Loves dogs and will probably walk your dog for free if you ask.
  • 4451 42nd Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Ian Lurie - I'm not the customer. Our dog (Alfred) is.

    He's been going to Lady Di since he was a puppy. Whenever I tell him "We're going to Lady Di!" he starts springing up and down like a lunatic. When we pull up, he jumps out of the car and sprints for the front door. I think he likes it.

    When we're out running errands and run into the owners, he's ecstatic.

    I can't say more than he can. If he had thumbs, he'd give it four thumbs up.
  • CHaskell - Courtney is amazing. She's good with big and small dogs, reliable, does house stays, and remembers our pets at Christmas. Who does that? We love her so much, we bring our dog to her because we moved out of her service area (downtown Seattle). There is a lot to be said for keeping continuity in your life.
  • Vanessa - Coco & Heidi will love your cats as much as you do when you're away. I trust them, and their team, 100% to take care of my 2 cats when I am away. Very sweet gals and their love for their work is contagious.
  • 4714 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
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Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right pet sitter? Ask your friends.
Chelsia Andreassen
about 2 months ago • Ballard
Can anyone recommend a responsible and trustworthy cat sitter that can stay at your house?
4 replies
about 2 months ago
Chelsia Andreassen @kristy please email it to me! You're the best!
Liz Pearce My dog sitter Jenny also does cat sitting - normally Cash goes to stay with her, but she also does in-home pet sitting. Cash LOVES Jenny , she's great.
Chelsia Andreassen Thank you, Liz!
Carolyn Gracz
5 months ago • Madrona
Hello! Can anyone recommend a trusted in-home dog and cat sitter? Either an individual or through a company like Rover? Our dog doesn't do well wit...
4 replies
5 months ago
Liz Pearce @CityGirl Do you do in-home sitting or know anyone who does?
Jenny Vaughan I do in home and at my home!!!
Maria D'Angelo Hi Carolyn! I’ve been a babysitter/nanny on UrbanSitter for over 8 years now, and I’ve done in-home pet-sitting for friends, coworkers, and the families I’ve babysat/nannied for. Happy to give you some references if you’re interested.
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