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4 Best Seattle Printing

  • 2501 SW Trenton St, Seattle
    John Fisher - So this is kind of a strange recommendation, but if you need something printed . . . fliers, resumes, real estate posters, whatever, Staples -- like a lot of other places -- lets you email a document or a pdf to them and then you go into the store to print. The thing to do when you get to this particular Staples, in Westwood Village, is to ask for Fern. She has a genuine bond with her three giant printers (a little strange, but true), and she can walk you through anything you need to do. I know Staples is just another outlet of a big corporate entity. But Fern couldn't be more caring and engaged one-on-one.
  • Nong's Barber Shop, 4547 Rainier Ave S, Seattle
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  • 1750 4th Ave S, Seattle
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  • 2633 S Morgan St, Seattle • Beacon Hill

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