7 Best Seattle Stylists

  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
    Liz Pearce - Susie is the best! I hired her to help me spruce up my wardrobe after realizing I'd been wearing the same stuff for way too long. I hate to shop and struggle to leave my comfort zone, but Susie makes it easy and fun. Bonus: she's great at navigating consignment stores, so you can save money and minimize your environmental impact at the same time.
    Sara Eizen - Whether you're looking for a new wardrobe, outfit for a special occasion or someone to come audit your closet - Susie Cohen is the one to call!
    Laura Van Horne - Susie has such great style!
  • 4314 Thackeray Pl NE, Seattle • Wallingford
    Shannon Garbaccio - Shannon is incredible. Her own personal sense of style is gorgeous but she tailors her advice to each of her clients. She is so knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make sure you look and feel your best.
    Cassie Walker Johnson - Shannon is absolutely amazing! Her sense of style for all ages is spot on - works both with women, and men, professionals, moms, etc. But most importantly she makes it fun. She'll give your closet a makeover, provide you with photos of outfits for daily use, and will help determine basics to add to your wardrobe.
  • 2613 NE University Village St, Seattle • University District
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  • 4201 22nd Ave W, Seattle • Magnolia
    Martina Welkhoff - Brent understands the importance of style for executives.
  • Mercer Island
    Susie Cohen - Liz is a Personal Stylist for Men. She sells J. Hillburn which is a custom Men's clothing line. She is professional and has such a passion for fashion and men's textiles. The clothing is perfect for any man and the process is easy and efficient. Liz is wonderful!!!
  • Cassie Walker Johnson - Let’s be honest, some of us may have left our wardrobe priorities at the bottom of the laundry pile. While our needs for corporate suits no longer exist, Shannon encourages us to embrace the shift and blend the “old” and “new.” And if her talents weren’t already plentiful in the wardrobe department, her unique and creative style of interior design is what had us at "hello!” She’s great!

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