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Jennifer Kyle
about 19 hours ago • San Rafael
Hello! Does anyone have a good chiropractor recommendation in the Seattle area? Thank you!
Heather Redman
about 22 hours ago • Downtown
seems like tech is moving fast here so would like to find someone who has the latest
2 replies
about 21 hours ago
Bruce Jaffe Dr Rhys Spor is fantastic.
Chek Lim Spektor Dental. Dr. Molly McIntosh is great.
Augustina Liu
2 days ago • South Lake Union
I recently have many pimples growing on my face, which even leave many red spots and dark spots after they disappear. Since Sephora is going to hav...
2 replies
about 20 hours ago
Meredith Fife My son has had great success with ProActive. It's a little on the pricey side but it really helped. You might want to check into it.
Augustina Liu Thank you!
Michael Mikaelian
3 days ago • Renton
When the wind picked up we noticed water running down one of our interior walls every time it’s rained. This has been going on for over a week now.
2 replies
about 19 hours ago
Adam Doppelt Hey Michael. If you need a roofer, try State Roofing. It's run by my sister-in-law and they do nice work. I've dealt with leaks before and they are really not fun. Are you sure it's the roof? Our house has some exposure to wind driven rain, and leaks crop up due to problematic flashing or caulking. Unfortunately these problems can be expensive to diagnose and fix.
Newcastle Life Try Veteran Roofing. I have heard really great things about them and they come out and do the work when they say they're going to.
Heather Redman
4 days ago • Downtown
Ours is retiring and have been frustrated with access to specialists. First world problem I know.
2 replies
4 days ago
Shauna Swerland Youssefnia dr. milah frownfelter is my concierge doc and she is good
Liz Pearce I remember flagging @jonathan_sposato's recommendation for a concierge doc a few months back... (Seattle Premier Health)

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