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almost 3 years ago
What's not to love about Mystery! Full transparency I won the Fresh Chalk Karmadays for this in August...but I wanted it BAD so put almost all my tokens in :-). After over 20 years of marriage - date night (especially during a pandemic) needs a bit more fun and this was perfect. The whole point is to not tell you what we experienced...because yeah it's a MYSTERY. I look forward to booking another one soon. Everyone I know should be booking one of these for your next date night.
over 3 years ago
Mystery is great fun. We got more than we expected, and have signed up again. It's definitely worth it.
over 3 years ago
Huge fan of Mystery! Started ordering their boxes and the games/puzzles are fun!
over 3 years ago
I did a Mystery date with my two kids and it was a total pleasure.
Maria Hess Wow, didn't think of this for a date with kids. Like that idea.
  • over 3 years ago
Lindsay Pedersen you totally should do it with your kids, Maria. I got a lot of cool mom points, plus super fun.
  • over 3 years ago
over 3 years ago
I tried this service this weekend and it was very cool! They arrange a multi-stop experience -- including transportation -- based on the preferences you share (including budget) in their on-boarding survey. You don't know where you're going until you pull up at the location! If you like surprises and having other people do your planning for you, you should give this a shot.
Taylor Stedman Where did they end up sending you?
  • over 3 years ago
Liz Pearce I don't think they want you to say publicly! Right Shane Kovalsky?
  • over 3 years ago
Shane Kovalsky (Owner) - Haha you've got the right idea, Liz Pearce!
  • over 3 years ago
Liz Pearce Updating to add - I also tried their Mystery box with my kids and they both really enjoyed it!
  • about 3 years ago

About Mystery

Mystery puts together a surprise night on the town (or at home) for couples in the Seattle and Austin areas by planning an activity, dinner, drinks, dessert and transportation. You set preferences and they plan the night!

How it Works

Download the Mystery app and create a profile. Mystery will ask you a few questions to get to know you and what your idea of a perfect night out would be. Next, you choose the cost and select the type of night out (or in) you are looking for. Once you pick your Mystery night the app will tell you what to wear and where to be and surprise you with the rest! The app is key!

Types of Dates

  • Night-In
  • Dinner
  • Bar
  • Night-out with Friends
  • Anniversary

Gift cards are also available so that you can give the gift of Mystery! Visit the website for more details.