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10 Best Seattle Entertainment

  • 1. Mystery
    321 3rd Ave S 208, Seattle
    Liz Pearce - I tried this service this weekend and it was very cool! They arrange a multi-stop experience -- including transportation -- based on the preferences you share (including budget) in their on-boarding survey. You don't know where you're going until you pull up at the location! If you like surprises and having other people do your planning for you, you should give this a shot.
    Lindsay Pedersen - I did a Mystery date with my two kids and it was a total pleasure.
    Kate Leroux - Mystery is great fun. We got more than we expected, and have signed up again. It's definitely worth it.
    recommended by Samuel Sunderaraj
  • 5030 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle • University District
    Brooklyn Benjestorf - The most incredible selection of films in the city. Obscure, independent films, VHS tapes from your childhood you thought you'd never see again, foreign films you could never find on Netflix—they have it all. My partner and I like to rent old kaiju films from them.
  • 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle
    Ron Zanetti -

    My son and I took a beginners class as a father son get away and really enjoyed it. They provide the motor cycles and gear and are very safe. We had fun negotiating obstacles and watching the trainer scale a 6 foot vertical wall!
  • 2505 1st Ave, Seattle
    Della Glein - This intimate, 21+ theater shows first run movies. Luxury seats, yummy white cheddar popcorn and signature cocktails make it an excellent date night! This is the ONLY place we see movies.
  • Seattle
    1.7k karma
  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
    recommended by mike grabham
  • 309 S Cloverdale St STE D-29, Seattle • South Park
  • 9141 Sebring Dr, Pensacola, FL 32506, USA

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Andrea Kaempf
5 months ago • Seattle
I changed iPhones last night and saw the mystery app (have them plan your night out on the town.). They do a mystery package where dinner and somet...
11 replies
5 months ago
Andrea Kaempf The challenge is now on! I now have to check my sons calendar and see when he and I should do mom/son date night. So excited to try this!
Andrea Kaempf Ps. My son ordered din tai fun from my Grubhub app and it was over $100. Lesson 1 — password my app better
Lesson 2 — same as lesson 1.
Samuel Sunderaraj Huge fan of Mystery! Started ordering their boxes now and the games/puzzles are fun!
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