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about 1 month ago
I love the makeup eraser. You can remove the makeup without products and exfoliate your face daily
over 1 year ago
I keep this in my main bathroom! You really one need water. You can pick up at Bed, Bath and Beyond!
about 2 years ago
Makeup eraser. They’re seriously great just use water and it removes all makeup including waterproof.
about 2 years ago
I have several of these and have eliminated facial wipes and hardly ever use makeup remover. This brand is the best but I bought a pack of knockoffs from Nordstrom rack and left a few in my travel bag. They work pretty great too.
about 2 years ago
Such a life-changing simple product
Cindy Sersig I got one of these in a subscription box and I love it! What I also appreciate about this product which is different from one I got from grove is that I can throw it in the dryer with a fabric sheet. Just one less step when doing laundry for me.
  • about 2 years ago
over 2 years ago
best thing to take makeup off with
over 2 years ago
The best thing to take my makeup off
Brittany Menestrina I was wondering if this would really work. I’ve seen it online before but wasn’t sure! Do you use it with makeup remover or just alone?
  • over 2 years ago
Emily Law Makeup remover!
  • over 2 years ago
Cindy Sersig I use it without make up remover. It works great!
  • over 2 years ago
Kassidy Fletcher I have always wanted to try this, but I didn't know if it was worth the hype! Does it work better than just a regular wash cloth?
  • over 2 years ago
over 2 years ago
Remove makeup with just water, no additional remover or soap needed. Very soft and gentle on skin, and machine washable.
over 2 years ago
These, though not sustainable, are the holy grail for mascara! I swear they get all mascara off, whether it be water proof or oil based or just plain.
almost 3 years ago
Whether you wear minimal makeup or not, this is the solution you are needing! No more wasting small or non eco friendly making remover towelettes. I bought these for all my friends one Christmas and they we're all raving about them! Great way to save money AND the environment.
almost 3 years ago
The Makeup Eraser has completely eliminated single-use makeup remover wipes from my night time routine. The super soft cloth has one side with short fibers that is perfect for removing makeup, while the other side with longer fibers provides a gentle exfoliation. The best part? The wash cloth can remove an entire face of makeup (even waterproof mascara) with nothing but warm water!
Liz Pearce Thanks for the reminder about this product! I used to use something similar a while back but need to restock. These are also great for travel when you don't want to take a your full face cleanser.
  • almost 3 years ago
Cindy Sersig What I love about this Makeup Eraser is that you can wash it with your regular laundry and if you use dryer sheets, it's ok with the Eraser! It still works fine. I've had other similar product and it said to be sure to not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. I love the softness of the Eraser and the exfoliation is great!
  • over 2 years ago

Cautionary Tales

Reticent Rabbit - over 2 years ago
I do love this product, but, for mascara, I don't think it is as effective as a makeup remover wipe.It is pretty irritating on the eyes since it has minimal soap unlike a makeup remover wipe. I know it is more sustainable but the redness and itchy/burning eye feeling isn't worth it to me.


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