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The best makeup removers of 2022

Julie Joyce - Remove makeup with just water, no additional remover or soap needed. Very soft and gentle on skin, and machine washable.
Carly Canter - Whether you wear minimal makeup or not, this is the solution you are needing! No more wasting small or non eco friendly making remover towelettes. I bought these for all my friends one Christmas and they we're all raving about them! Great way to save money AND the environment.
Natasha Willis - Such a life-changing simple product
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Heather Long - Camping Must Have! Actually, I use these at home too, but the individual packaging makes it just perfect for travel/outdoor use! A bit larger than average and stay-wet since they are single serve.
Beth Brown - These are necessary for summertime. Throw them in your purse for the grab and go!
Preeti Viswanathan - Whether you are commuting to the office or school by bike, or you are just out riding for a few hours, it's super handy to have wipes of some kind to help with sweat or grime. Baby wipes are great, but I've also recently grown to love these cloth-like cleansing Neutrogena face wipes. These wipes ...
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Kara Dunn, Ashley Reyes and 1 other
Elissa Tompkins - I use this as my first step in cleansing to take off all my makeup and then I follow up with a gentle cleanser. It makes a world of difference for my skin.
Stephanie Seals - I love Green Clean by Farmacy. It's a cleansing balm that you rub onto dry skin and can either rinse off or wipe off with a damp facial cloth. It's great for all makeup but super effective on waterproof mascara.
Jayme Shiarla - I love the makeup remover from Mary Kay. It's like an oil that you put on a cotton ball and it is INSANE how much gunk comes off of your eyes!
larissa Cole - I just purchased this item about a week ago from Amazon. So far I’m really liking it! I have been wearing waterproof mascara lately and my regular face cleanser can’t remove it very well. I historically have very dry skin around my eyes/eyelids for some reason, so the moisturizing aspect of this ...
Mariella Tamayo - I have sensitive skin and these wipes are my go to and it doesn't leave my skin feel oily at all!
Liz Stella - I've tried a variety of make-up wipes over the years and these ones consistently have not irritated my eyes and cleared away grime. They're biodegradable now too which is a BIG plus!
Rebekah Fuentes - This amazing cleanser pairs Omega Fatty Acid-rich Baobab Oil with High-Powered Hyaluronic Acid, and a blast of moisture 50 times more powerful than standard Hyaluronic Acid, so you can expect a superior level of hydration alongside thorough cleansing.

~Lifts impurities while imparting a veil of ...

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