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The best baby care products of 2022

Elexa Martinez - With babies who struggle with sinus congestion this little gadget became a must in our regular routine. It is so much faster and easier than alternative products that clear the nose. While the concept seems a bit questionable it is a game changer and must have for any parent.
Claudella Constanza - A must have!
Elissa Tompkins - If you have a young baby, this is a necessity. So much less difficult than a typical sucker.
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Sandra Jacquemin - I pick these up everytime i'm in Target and throw them in a bag or car or wherever to have handy.
Tracy Flack - This is a must have for quick clean ups after meals and keeping things clean while you’re out and about. Highly recommend stocking up and keeping a pack in multiple places like your car, diaper bag and etc
Claudella Constanza - This placemat is so functional. A must have if you’re parent of a self feeding baby or toddler. I love that it sticks to the table and it can easily be clean and put away. We take it everywhere!
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Elissa Tompkins - This toy is perfect for people of all ages. It is so fun to fidget with and very easy to pop in the bag for easy travel. I keep it in my purse for when I am at the doctors with my boys, or on road trips. Smaller kids focus more on what they are doing with the toy, while older kids and adults do i...
Sara Latronica - Little guy loves there and they come in different sizes for baby's age... also cute colors for boys and girls!
Elexa Martinez - Dr. Smith Diaper cream has been my go to for healing baby bums for years. I discovered it as a nanny 14 years ago and fond it to be quick acting and super healing. As a new mom I was gifted so many other newer creams and have always gone back to Dr. Smith's.
Tracy Flack - This sleep suit really is magic! It’s allowed my baby at 2 months old to sleep through the night and has worked better than any swaddles we’ve used.
Brooke Piszczor - We are a family obsessed with California Baby products! The Calendula body wash & lotion are our top two for our boys!
Kei Castillo - All-natural, homeopathic with extremely low-dosing. One of the only things that helps my son when he's toothing. Safe for baby's of all ages and suitable for natural relaxation for baby's sleep.
Catherine Hazen - These crazy looking "saucers" were the only pacifier our youngest daughter would take! She's hooked and they were a life saver for us!
Sara Latronica - The best baby carrier! Put my newborn to sleep every time I put him in it. Its soft, yoga pant material, instead of the usual thick and bulky carriers. It is still secure with a buckle on the back and hugs baby to your body. Best item I had for my little guy!
Wendy Quast - This device is amazing for trimming the nails of babies/children. It's extremely quiet, and does an amazing job without the fear of cutting the nail too close or breaking the skin. There is an LED light for when you need to sneak a nail trim in during sleep!! This makes an amazing baby shower gif...
Liz Stella - New parent must-have! This is the best mirror you can get for a rear-facing carseat, in my humble opinion. I had tried bigger brand names but this mirror has the best straps and a wonderful wide mirror that both you and baby can actually see each other in.
Victoria Grinde - My little one no longer has any interest in sitting in his highchair. He wants to sit at the big table with his big sissy. So I was searching for a booster seat that was easy to move, clean and that he would like to sit on. Found this one and we love it so far!!
Tracy Flack - I love these pacifier clips for preventing my baby's pacifier from getting thrown on the floor or lost. It clips onto baby's clothes securely and doesn't have any sharp edges like other pacifier clips I've seen in stores. They also come in a ton of cute colors and designs.
Wendy Quast - Made with shea butter, coconut, and cucumber oil, this diaper cream is, hands down, a big recommendation of mine to my clients. With a light scent of lavender, chamomile, sweet orange, and geranium, this cream provides an all natural alternative for babies with sensitive skin and diaper rashes.
Wendy Quast - This really is a dream machine!!! This 5-in-1 device offers a night light, red light therapy (helps the body produce natural melatonin), cool-mist humidifier, aromatherapy, and a pink noise sound machine (sounds similar to white noise, but is actually a mix of high and low frequencies that is mor...
Wendy Quast - You know when your kids are learning how to walk and they fall over a bunch of times?! Or, even worse, they fall backwards, with the potential of hitting their head.... Well - here comes Bolonna Backpacks to save the day. With some super cute designs, these protection backpacks will help protect ...
Tracy Flack - Thick and comfy socks for my baby! We love the bright colors and they stay on her feet, unlike all the other socks she’s managed to kick off.

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