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The best cleaning supplies of 2021

Sara Marie - My favorite scent is the lavender. One of the only things I have on auto-order at Amazon.
Victoria Grinde - I love all of Mrs. Meyers cleaners! They are all safe to use around my kids and pets. They smell great!
Mandi Pacer - A former neighbor introduced me to the Mrs. Meyers cleaning line and I never looked back. I don't mind paying a little extra to not feel like I'm suffocating from all the nasty chemicals found in traditional cleaning solvents. My favorite products from the line are the everyday spray (use primari...
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Michael Lafears - Fabulosa is a great product that smells great! I use it to clean my bathroom and toilets.
Patricia Burnett - Not only does this product leave your house clean and smelling good, but it does bring some childhood nostalgia on a Sunday morning when my mother would clean, haha!
Esther Kast - I don't know how everyone doesn't have a bottle of this in their cleaning arsenal! One of our favorite floor cleaners!
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Victoria Grinde - I like Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner! It has been the only thing that has worked and worked well for us!
Mariella Tamayo - A black glass top looks so gross when it's not clean and this is my go to cleaner. Keeps it looking brand new!
Laura Wilkinson - I have a glass cooktop and this product delivers. Put it on, let it set & dry a bit and wipe off and your glass cooking surface looks like new again.
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Morgan Keith, Esther Kast and 1 other
Emily Midgley - These seem to be the only product that truly removes soap scum from our tub!
Elexa Martinez - A must have in my house!! I use them for cleaning the walls and doors because I have messy children, to keeping their shoes shiny and white. I also of course use in the bathroom keeping my tub nice and shiny and also by kitchen. All around I don't know what I did before the magic eraser!
Michael Lafears - I used these for the 1st time and was impressed. A must have in your cleaning supplies
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Victoria Grinde - This glass cleaner is the best!!! Clean well and doesn’t leave any weird film behind
Lindsey S - I've used this glass and mirror foaming cleaner forever and never streaks and I love the smell!
Kristie Presten - This is the BEST glass cleaner and the only one I use around my house. NO streaks!
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Melinda Burk, Adisyn Smith and 1 other
Natasha Willis - I use bar keepers friend as well! It works great.
Esther Kast - Other than Clorox, Bar Keeper's Friend is the best thing ever. Use it on our counter, stove tops, pots and pans. It's amazing.
Morgan Keith - I LIVE by this to clean my stainless steel pans! It keeps them looking brand new
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Patricia Burnett - Best cleaning wipes!
Esther Kast - I have a bottle in every level of our house. I love all things clorox! Things just seem cleaner when you use these wipes!
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Emily Midgley - Thanks to feedback on Fresh Chalk, I was able to locate this in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store. I came home and tackled the kitchen counters and was very happy with the product. It has a citrus smell that isn't over powering.
Mariella Tamayo - This is my go-to counter cleaner, especially with my marble top. It removes food stains and keeps it absolutely clean.
Esther Kast - Use this on my new granite counters. Love how it cleans and smells.
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Cindy Hawkins - I had been looking for a sanitizing spray safe to use on the kitchen counters where I prepare food. This is it. It's gentle enough to use around kids, pets, and food, with no residue or fumes, and kills 99.9% of bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces.
Esther Kast - I’ve been using this for years to clean & sanitize my kitchen counters as it’s safe around food & food surfaces. And I use it on my bathroom vanities & mirrors, & even my cell phone & so much more.
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Emily Midgley - We are very happy with how the Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner works on our toilets.
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Paula Claure - They are totally worth it, they work great, especially with stainless steel which can be tricky to clean.
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Mandi Pacer - Keep your granite countertops pristinely clean with this cleaner! This pleasantly scented cleaner playfully fills your kitchen and smells lovely after each use.
Lindsey S - I have been using the Method brand daily granite cleaner for quite some time and am happy with how well it cleans.
Elexa Martinez - This is our go to for the house. I use this to mop my floors. as a spray to do my counter tops, kids tables and kids furniture from all the spills and dirt. My favorite scent is Peony.
Suzanne Joffrion - I love this brand too!
Elizabeth Jimenez - Works well to clean homes i use it all the time !
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Esther Kast - Love the smell of this stuff!!!! I’ve been a fairly loyal user of Young Living essential oils over the past several years.....and I always especially liked Thieves. Always heard such great things about this household cleaner. I bought a glass spray bottle here on Amazon (Rail 19 product) and dilu...
Nathan Kelly - Ooooooh baby -- THIS is the good stuff! I'm sure it has a whole bunch of other uses and is made with essential oils 'n such (because it smells SO good), but I just love how awesome it is when cleaning glass!

I LOVE detailing our vehicles (well, ok, I love when they are fully detailed), but have ...
Emily Midgley - Kaboom Foam-Tastic gets my bathtub super clean! I love that it goes on purple and turns white when its ready to be scrubbed off.
Mandi Pacer - I typically lean toward eco-friendly and all natural cleaning products for the house, but for the bathroom that sentiment goes right out the window. I am a freak about my bathroom being as clean as possible even if it means having to use more powerful chemicals with bleach in them. There's someth...
Michael Lafears - Great for dusting and spring cleaning.
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Claudella Constanza - This product is amazing for stains. I use it frequently to clean food stains from the couch and clothes (I have two small girls at home who like to snack a lot!), wine stains and even the blood stains that are inevitable when the girls are out for adventure :)
Andre Palacios - This product will help remove any Pet Mess at home 💩.
It also works great with wine 🍷 stains!
Julie Joyce - My husband picked this up for our vent hood and it works great!! Cleanest it has looked in a while.
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Navid Namazi - I run CLR through my dishwasher from time to time it helps keep the pipes and pump clean. CLR also helps my shower head run like a fire hose.
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