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The best energy drinks of 2022

Victoria Grinde - I buy these from Costco. Great way to change up you regular plain water!
Elexa Martinez - I have been using these for years. I have an electrolyte deficiency and drinking these really helps me to stay hydrated and reduce the ache and pains of my deficiency. My favorite flavor is the Strawberry Lemonade.
Zoe Gregorace - Love the Immunity tablets-so great of an on the go boost!
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Mandi Pacer - Sometimes you need a boost, even if it's not in the most healthy way! These get me through the holiday season at the shop where I am working long hours and days on end.
Amber Neuhold - Tastes so good and gives me energy for a whole day
Breanna Nave - Redbull is a good energy drink. Tastes good and gives a good boost of energy.
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Ashley Reyes, Katie Taylor and 1 other
Breanna Nave - Used to drink these every break I had at a job I used to have. They have a variety of good flavors. Good drinks with good flavors.
Bethany Kessler - They're good. They keep me awake. 10/10.
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Suzanne Joffrion - I love these!
Alex Scheman - Just add water to one of these packets and you have yourself a refreshingly fruity and fizzy beverage with a natural source of caffeine! Pomegranate is my favorite flavor!
Piper Casey - Energy from green tea and guarana
Kristie Presten - I purchase the individual powder packets of a couple different flavors off of Amazon. I love adding them to my big 34 ounce water cup I keep on my desk. They are a great way to get your water in each day!
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Sara Latronica - The best energy drink! 2 pm drink for sure! The flavors are great and they're all only 10 calories.
Emily Law - It's a super yummy energy drink and always hypes me up!
Kylie Heaton - I love using Spark before a workout or a long shift at work on my feet! It gives me the energy I need without making me feel jittery. My favorite flavors are watermelon, blue raspberry, or the green apple!
Elexa Martinez - This has been my go to for about a year for electrolyte replacement drink. The flavor is really great and you don't need much. If you are staying away from sodium then this may not be for you, but this has helped me so much with my electrolyte deficiency.
Bethany Kessler - Good drink. Keeps me awake. 10/10.
Rosemary Kim - I love LIV’s energy drink! I use this pre-run & during as well. Looks very green and not very appealing, but taste is pretty good! COSTCO has pretty good deals at time too! 😃
Victoria Grinde - Just placed my second order for more BEA Sparkling Energy Drink! BĒA is a sparkling, clean energy drink with naturally sourced caffeine from green tea plus botanical ingredients like adaptogens. My new favorite sparkling water!!
Lacie Thompson - Disclosure: this is one of my clients. I rave about them to everyone though, so I thought I'd share here. They make a CBD mixie stick you put in water. They have different kinds for different purposes, but I take their Rise every morning now instead of coffee and I love the sustained energy and f...
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